yoyojoes contest?

thats cool! i want an aquarius! and whats bonescraphs?

Oh, sorry, bonesraphs, the guy who posted the trick list. Also, DYonch, do you know when the contest is?

Its Bonesraphs (if you were at the last yye chat contest everybody mispronounced it) lol
if you look above I wrote the trick list
if that answers your question

ooh sorry bonescraphs! lol. so, whats the advanced split the atom? and the contest is on national yoyo day. june 6th

Saturday, June 6th
4:00 I think

3 Pinwheels, 3 Barrel Rolls, and 3 Somersalts

I think the age is from 5 to 90. Or at lest that’s what the Oklahoma contest is. Later.

Keep it spinning™

ok, is that list that bonescraphs wrote the sports trick ladder list for the competition? or is it something else?

So how exactly does a sports trick ladder work?

its where you have a list of tricks, and the announcer says a trick and you do it. if you miss one, you move to the next trick, but if you miss another one, you are out. and on the american yoyo association list, it goes from as easy as sleeper, to as hard as black hops. there are about 25 tricks total. for this contest, is the list that was stated earlier for the contest?

who’s going?
sorry too bring it up again but i was curious.
I am not sure what trick list they are using ???


Probably the old trick list with slack trapeze as #25.

cool, anybody else?
if that is the trick list I might FAIL. (probably)

I’m going to mess up at Mcbride rollercoaster :frowning:

I have a question. what if you bring a responsive yoyo and do plastic whip, or unresponsive yoyo and ufo? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Bring 2

im going

Aww man, I can’t make it, I’m busy today…Whatever, good luck to everybody!

Lets all wear YYE user name’s Name tags! :wink:

that would be cool, then we dont ask random people who they are :stuck_out_tongue:

yay I got ten dollers for second place in the 10-12 division! :smiley:

Ha Ha I met you! Were you the one with the skyline? I do believe we did some talking, Im the kid who epicly failed on walk the dog (Idk what happened).