One More?

I know I do so many contests lately. I have found one flaw that I would like to do a special contest for. I have noticed that there are many on these forums that have just picked up the sport of yoyo.

I was thinking of doing one more contest that is for player 6 months in or less. It will allow the younger, less advanced players to compete in an all 1A Division contest. It would be judged by professionals only, unless very special permission is granted.

However, last time I said something about doing a contest, people did not like the idea. But then, it became a huge thing. I was wondering, should I do this contest for younger players?

Vote and reply below with your answer.


a contest with prizes sure, everyone loves those

excluding people? nahhh

If I don’t, and all these younger players join, then they will feel so bummed and fell like they’re terrible and will never do anything other than what they have and just give up.

It’s for amateurs, remember?

If you’re new to something and try to compete at it the odds are you’re going to lose. I dont think it is that necessary to make another contest for new yoyoers, but maybe for just yoyoers in a younger age group would work well. Maybe 11 or 12 and under group so that they wont be intimidated to compete.

I think it’s a good idea and plus it will help the newer people in yoyoing build positive confidence.

then go for it, but im telling you there should be a prize lol

Listen… this contest apparently would be to encourage new yoyoers.

Maybe you should do another contest but maybe wait on it for a little bit like a month or so because I’m being honest here it’s a hassle to turn in stuff like a video also I think their are some Yoyo players that I believe are under 6 months doing that are doing he competition you put together now.

what do you mean by amaturs? by how they play? or how much time they play?

Time they play. No more than 6 months in.

I’ve been off and on for a year. Does that count?

That sounds great and looks like a possible medium for newer throwers, but give it some breathing time and wait until you’re done with your contest

Wait a long while :stuck_out_tongue:

Listen… I know what he meant.

i agree lol more people would want a prize

The problem is that there’s no way of knowing how long someone has actually been throwing. You could get people lying about how long they’ve been doing it and taking the contest by storm…

Thats true

What about I have a old video of me six month into yoyoing. Could I post that?

Aren’t we all just amateurs? A contest based on months yoyoing is flawed anyway. Scenario:

Person 1: I’ve been yoyoing for two days.

Other Person: You should join this contest!

Person 1: (after winning contest) Oops I lied. Sorry.