Community getting younger?


I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the bay area classic yoyo contest this past weekend, which was a very wonderful experience for me as it is the first contest I have been to in quite a while!

I noticed that there seemed to be a lot more younger competitors and players at this contest compared to some years ago, and I find that both awesome, and intriguing as well.

I remember before, when a player happened to be a young one, as well as quite good, people would pay quite a bit attention to that player. Andrew Bergen comes to mind as he was somewhat of a prodigy and almost inhuman type of player at the time. But now, as I went around the contest, I would see younger kids left and right doing truly amazing tricks that years ago would have been enough to make any of these kids a bit of a prodigy.

As I watched the finals of the different divisions as well, I saw a younger generation compared to the 20-something dominated contest results I seem to remember.

When did this change happen? I love it for the record! I think seeing so many new rising stars of yoyoing is very inspirational. I may never catch up to these kids, but it’s very encouraging to watch!

P.S, thanks to the guys at the eXpert table! I picked up a new Diffusion that has been my main throw in the past two days since I got it!



interesting observation and I think there is always a point where the “new kids” come out to play.

I would agree that it is a wonderful thing to see, this younger group, into yo yo’s.

clearly I will never be a good but I will still try since I love the yoyo. maybe they will start a senior group at one of these major events. most sports do have a senior division and I think if there wee a few of us to ask it could happen…

nice thread, thanks…



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I’m a computer engineering student and when I see 12 year olds hacking into banks or developing their own radio networks I question my intelligence.

But yeah it’s cool, recently got my younger stepbrother into yoyoing. Don’t visit him much though


Having children its also great to see kids wanting to do something other than have their faces plastered into some type of screen. Welcome to the technology world of today. Not enough kids get out smell the roses or the fresh air anymore!


It’s the All-Stars vs. the New Stars ;D


Those adults need or have jobs. These kids do their homework and yoyo all day long.


I don’t know 'bout you but I’m not getting any younger. And yeah, those younger kids are really great, glad to see the direction of where yoyoing is going.


When I was kid the best yoyo was the Spintastics Tiger Shark. I mean how good can most kids get on a Tiger Shark especially given the lack of internet and trick resources at the time?

Now there are resources everywhere and kids know how to access them. Plus the equipment has gotten infinitely better. Also, human mental processing speed peaks at 13 or so, so they can learn really, really fast at that age.

The trend doesn’t surprise me at all, though it makes me feel like an idiot for not being amazing by now.


The yoyo community is ever expanding, and will only continue to grow! I find it amazing how much it has grown in the fast few years, and love meeting new people every contest that make me think “Wow, I’ve been yoyoing for twice as long as him but he’s twice as good as I am…” :wink:


Just got my 7 year old nephew a velocity and he knows a strong sleeper, around the world, and dizzy baby already in about a couple days. Gonna make him my little prodigy project. At least champ of the school talent show.

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Simple, kids have more time.


^^^^^ yes that’s true, but I’m a kid and while we have more time, we have far less money and support. My parents think yoyoing is a waste of money. I only have two throws that I bought with lawn mowing money.


All you need is one :wink:
Good job paying for your own. While you may have less money, you’ll find that when you get older and make more money, you have less time. I’d gladly cope with having only one yoyo to have copious free time.


Life Lesson :o
I’m a kid, and now I feel like I’m running out of time until I become an adult and lose my time.
Time to hit the trick books!


one or two yoyos is not a waste, as long as you play with them


These words are incredibly true. I have tonnes and tonnes of yoyos, but after a long day of work I’m lucky if I get an hour or two spare to throw a few of them.

I think the amount of free time you have when you’re young is another reason why younger people are more likely to take up yoyoing than older ones. It’s definately a gift so make the most of it whilst you can!


its nice to see this younger generation really getting into yoyoing. like said above, its great that these kids are actually doing something others then video games and watching TV (not that those are bad, I love those too!). plus, its really good eye/hand coordination for them and something g to try and keep them out of trouble. I really enjoy seeing g these hound kids being super good at throwing. pretty soon, we’ll see them winning championships and winning at worlds! :slight_smile: