In all seriousness

I’d like to commend this forum community and the moderators for a tightly-run ship. I’m a concerned dad who’s been really encouraged to see how supportive and encouraging everyone here is toward beginners.

I appreciate the welcoming attitude here on the forums and the vigilant policing done by the moderators. This is a relief when compared to any number of other hobbies my son could be pursuing, filled with “H8T3r$”, insults and bad attitude.

Keep up the good work! As a result, my 10 yr old is sold-out on yo-yoing and is even forming a ‘club’ at school where he’s teaching what he learns here to other beginners.

(BTW he just got his 888 in the mail after wearing out his DM, and he’s walking on clouds!)

-‘the old guy’

Yup, this is the place you described! I like to see that there are some new throwers coming around.

Absolutely. Out of the many yoyo forums, this is really the best one to learn on, especially for a young child.

Awesome! It’s good to see other Dads on the forum. I’m a father of 3 boys. My oldest is the Oklahoma state champion. 18 My middle is a skater and yoyoer. 15. And my 8 year old is…well…8. lol

Question. Do you yoyo too? You should. It’s a great connection with your child. Trust me that’s the only way me and my 18 year old gets along.

Also thank you for the nice words.


I hear that, my oldest (9) has aspergers and yoyo’n is our common ground. Oh, and the more dads, the merrier!! ;D