Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, but not yoyoing!

Hey guys, like the title says, I’m new to the forum but not yoyoing. I’m Icthus’s son and Bradley Moss’s brother. I’ve been into yoyoing for just as long as Bradley has, but never had much interest in the forums until recently. So I just thought I’d drop in and say hello.

Spoiler alert! Bradley and I are going to be making a new video today for National Yoyo Day! So keep on the lookout for that. :wink:

Happy National Yoyo Day!

Well ello brotha! Glad to see you on here! (even though I’m sitting right next to you helping you do all of this hahaha)

Hey man, really cool that you’ve decided to start coming to the forums. Perfect day to do so, too. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a little bit of your stuff, you’ve got a really nice stye. Looking forward to that video.

Good to hear we can always use another yoyo veteran to help out those new to yoyos. C=

This catches my attention the most…

You got one cool dad and one cool bro…
My dad is dead…and both my brothers are dorks….

im sorry to here that

Mod Jr.?