Yoyo day

Happy yoyo day!! :smiley:

There’s a yoyo day?

Have I asked that question before…


Happy yoyo day everyone! I am actually going to meet up with a fellow Wisconsin thrower. Heck if I have time, maybe even do a few tricks for my camera.

To say the least I am excited.

for yoyo day im gonna try to make a video :slight_smile:

Today was the perfect day for me to run out of string :’(

Hopefully they will come in the mail today

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Happy Birthday Adam Brewster!

My kids busted their little butts to show me gravity pull using Yomega Brain yoyos for National YoYo Day. So, as a reward, I ordered them some YYF ONE’s today.

I’m pleased they made an effort on something that didn’t involve making each other angry for a change! But, they day ain’t over yet!

Happy Yoyo Day ;D :smiley: ;D :smiley: ;D :smiley:

Happy Yo-Yo Day To All and To All a Happy Throw Day, LoL. I Think Today I will Learn a couple New Tricks and Do some Major Practicing Today and maybe even try to Teach Some Unsuspecting People How to Throw or do a Trick. But Mainly Just Have Fun and Enjoy my Day as Many Others Do the Same. I mean It’s National Yo-Yo Day, How can you not have fun??? (LoL, Don’t Answer That) :stuck_out_tongue:

will there be punch and pie…?

well that depends… did you bring any? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy National Yoyo Day! I’m gonna yoyo a lot today!

I put on a little impromptu show for young kids with my friend and yoyoed for many hours.

It was a good day.

Happy yoyo day, though my throws decided to attack me today. I took my Popstar with me to work to do some yoyoing during my lunch break when it decided to snag and slam into my left hand…ouch! My coworker saw my Facebook post about Yoyo Day and when he saw me at work, he told me to do a trick so out went the Popstar for a couple tricks. I now need to learn a couple new tricks before the day’s over.

Isn’t there some confusion about yoyo day being on the 10th?