Tomorrow is National YoYo Day

Where’s the sales we normally see? :-\

Some other stores have sales. Haven’t seen anything on here. Hoping for a Yeti drop tomorrow.

I mean we take full advantage of a free forum.

Don’t really know of ANY of the forums that aren’t free. I MEAN feel free to mail Andre some complimentary cash if you’d like.

Today is doughnut day and you get free doughnuts.
Just sayin’ :smiley:


National yoyo day is gonna be sweet. Who hear is going to any events near by them for yoyoing?

There are free forum like reddit throwers post about any store there.

You’re right haha, my apologies.

Sadly, my area is completely empty of anything yoyo related outside of me throwing, or my brother occasionally throwing. No events here.

I do plan on taking my contest bag with me tomorrow to my niece’s softball tournament. Years past I’d take my throws to her tourneys and eventually got known as the “yoyo guy” to all the kids. Throwing in public is a great way to bring light to our little corner of the world and yoyo day is the perfect day to do such!

And I’ll be ordering some goods tomorrow, still shopping around right now to see what else I want to include in my order…looking like a YYF Flight and possibly OD 2014 Benchmark V, want to try that one out. A bi-metal was tempting but…right now that price range is a bit out of reach for me, especially when saving up for my upcoming trip in August.

Hoping YYE steps up…

I hear that in honor of this event that there is a nation wide throw down scheduled for noon PDT where every one stands should to shoulder, coast to coast and simultaneously throws a break away to the left. As happens almost every year, some dork will probably throw one to the right and screw the whole thing up.

LOL… this cracked me up!!

I am in, ready to throw down at noon… now to find someone else around here with a yoyo :-X


I yoyoed today for yoyo day! :smiley:

where can I use this? I don’t see a spot to put this code in

When you check out one of the pages asks for any discount codes before you submit.

Working on my cart now, wish the YYJ H3X was in stock, at least the colors I’m after. Looks like green/blue is coming out in a few weeks, may just get that when it comes out…maybe reward myself when I finally land Spirit Bomb :slight_smile:

So National Yoyo Day and what I did: been basically throwing all day at my niece’s softball tournament. Some kids came up watching me and tried to get their parent’s attention. Just learning Magic Trick and knowing how impressive it looks, I showed that to them. I’ve never been asked to do a trick so many times after that, heard the kids saying “Do that trick again, you know, that one where you get a knot, clap your hands and the knot disappears!” I’m glad I caught some interest, would be nice if this actually inspired them to throw.

Rest of the day included just perfecting tricks I’m still working on, doing 2 reps of the Branding trick fairly quick, and getting closer to landing that Spirit Bomb. I’ve been posting progress in the trick forum over the past 2 weeks I had been learning it. Now, working on my cart, there’s several goods I’m looking at though want to keep costs down.

Lastly, my cat just tried to jack my yoyo right off my table! I guess the yoyo bug bit him and now he wants to join the fun!

Today is the last day for 15% off. Don’t forget, if you don’t get a discount, you can count on a sale for Independence Day, July 4th, which is right around the corner too. You may want to save some money for a little over three weeks from now. ;D