National yoyo day is June 6th! Any plans?


As many of you know, or should know, June 6th is National Yoyo day. I’m planning on stopping by my local coffee shop and yoyoing at the open mic. Anyone have special plans for National Yoyo Day?

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I wonder if YYE will have a discount…

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I’m going to yoyo.




Also, other than yoyoing, I’m gonna eat some food. ;D


I am going to work. And by work, I mean yoyoing. Seriously though, my job for that day is to teach yoyoing at a local company as a team building/socializing event.


I will wear my CLYW shirt that day. And yo-yo, of course.


I can only speak for myself as a sound company, but I’m sure the engineer or tech would appreciate it if you’d move away from the mic before yoyo’ing. Some of those mics can get quite expensive.

On the more serious side of things:

There is a local store that sells yoyos that is doing a National YoYo Day event in the evening. I’m just not sure if I can go. I had some medical stuff done last Thursday(no worries) and it may not be smart for me to go. However, based on what I’ve been doing lately, I don’t see that being a problem. Meet up with theroybit, maybe move some audio gear for some testing, a trip to that place in the evening, and then to Guitar Center to research some other stuff. A full day with yoyo being a focal point.

If YYE is having the National YoYo Day Sale that they’ve done for the 2 years I’ve been at this, then I have a couple or more things I’m interested in.


sorry i only celebrate yoyo day on April 4th.

Anyway. I have no special plans. I have summer school in the morning and it’s my younger brother’s high school graduation at night. No time to yoyo, really


I wonder if national yoyo day is June 6th because a six (6) kind of looks like a yoyo with a string coming off the top of it… So 6/6 is yo/yo day.


It’s arguably Duncan Sr.s birthday.


June 6th. Yoyo, I’ll be out of school.

No big plans. I am going to hang out the 7th 8th and 9th probably with some other throwers…


LOL national yoyo day is on the last day of school, so I’ll take my yoyo and impress people :slight_smile:


I’m being filmed by a news crew for a short story on yoyos for the 7:30 news =D



Although the 6th is official, I’ll postpone most of my celebration until this weekend’s…Mass State Yo-Yo Contest.


Gonna ware my weapons T-shirt


Is it at Yolex?


Yes it is.

Got any requests for stuff for me to bring out? You might want to send me a private message to ensure I get it. Odds are I’m bringing it anyways.


No thanks. I don’t think I can make it anyways…