Nobody started it so I will. Happy yoyo’in to all and I wish you good throw!
Post here to let us know how your day is goin’.

Woo! YoYo day! If only I had enough money to actually buy some new YoYos… :stuck_out_tongue:

Awsome xD

its my aunts birthday too. she gave me my first yoyo. coincidence?

Woot! I have college and high school graduation today, so I’ll make today memorable.

To you too! And offstring Stewart, good luck at graduation!

Happy National YoYo Day guys! God bless!

Today’s gonna go well since iGet my DV888 and 9 other stuff from YYE! I’m super excited! My order arrives today and the moment iSee the mail-man, I’m getting my package out of his hands and run inside. Lol! That’s how excited iAm! Wish iWould of saved my money to buy my stuff today though/:

Wooo Hoooo! Yeah National YoYo Day

I’m buying a couple yo’s and some string!!!

Happy Birthday to Adam Brewster as well. Such a great day for a birthday!

I did my special National YoYo Day order super early for me(before 8AM Pacific) so it should ship today and get here soon bundled with my AC purchase from Sunday.

Can’t say more. I think someone may be reading from another location… There’s stuff in there for myself, a friend and someone else.

well… im swamped with meetings today. i wish i could go out and do some busking today. what a perfect day to busk with yoyos than national yoyo day?

And my Supernova hasn’t arrived in time. :’( Ah well, I shall celebrate by running around the marketplace while doing multiple Around The Worlds with my Hitman Pro!

Don’t judge me. ;D

It’s going great!! My clyw campfire just arrived in the mail and I love it!!! It’s my first clyw. Happy yoyo day to all!

Happy Yo-Yo Day! :slight_smile:

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Woo, happy national yoyo day! I have my highschool grad night today at disneyland today though, so I won’t be able to yoyo nearly as much as I would have liked.
Finally got around to ordering a psg though with the sale. The keychain should be pretty cool. :slight_smile:

The news letter says that you get a free Hyper Yo-Yo Keychain with every order today. Does any one have a picture of one of those?

Fun day!!

Started out a bit rough. But, we have to roll it back to when the day started, as in at midnight. I was waiting for the email from YYE to tell me the promo code for today. Still, I queued up my order, including a few items for theroybit.(we kind of pool our orders now so as to save on shipping). Gotta keep the order secret as someone may be reading that I don’t want knowing what is in that box coming. Woke up early, got the email, completed the order. Yeah, now the day is off to a proper start. Turns out last year was when I got my kids’ the YYF ONE’s!

I had to go to a field trip for one of my kids. This required I go to bed early(didn’t happen due to stuff that popped up at the last second), and hence, take a shower way early. then they assigned me a group of kids. Hey, I’m there anyways, no big deal. One kid claimed to be a “master”. Said he could bind. Demanded my DM2. Threw it wrong, wrong finger, backwards. I said “OK, one more shot” and a different brand of pathetic. Showed him how to do it right, but hey, when a 2nd Grader claming to be able to do it all doesn’t do it at all, well, he’s not interested. Unfortunately, a fail.

The field trip was to a family-oriented sporting complex, featuring a bowling alley, with an attached arcade. Bowling goes fine. At the arcade later, kids are getting bored, so I’m entertaining them with my lackluster yoyo skills. Very appreciative audience, by the way. They only cared about the simple stuff, which I delivered. I did some more complicated stuff just to show “you can do more than just simple stuff after you practice”, which they also appreciated. They found plastic whip was cool, as was ninja vanish. Heck, even Trapeze and Bro popped back to a trapeze was a winner.

I feel good.

Skill toy arrivals: Duncan Gyropscope. I got a Gyroscope XT on Monday. Not sure what I can do with them yet, but hey, it’s Duncan, it should be fun to play with.

Nearby, YoLEX is holding a meet. I just cannot go. I’m kinda bummed about that. I like going to the YoLex meets and the people there are good folks as well. I hope they are having a good event today. I’m changing my views a bit though. Yes, I’m still fully supporting the yoyo, but there’s plenty of other good skill toys. Find the one that works for you and enjoy it. It’s all good and it’s all good for you!

Took about 45 minutes. I forgot to get my fiesta xx in there too. but in the spirit of yoyo day



YoYo Day is soon drawing to a close in the UK. Until next year! :slight_smile:

Woo! Just got my new response pads, bearing, and expert string in the mail. I can finally yoyo being able to bind it up. Thanks D. Duncan!