What did you buy on National Yoyo Day 2013?



First and foremost, I hope everyone enjoys themselves and has a great time throwing today! But with that being said, how many of you took advantage of today’s sale, and what did you get?

I decided to hold back because my spending has been getting a little out of hand lately, but just to show my support for the shop and get one of those neat trading card decks I picked myself up a spiffy new CLYW Black Pick Axe T-shirt. And on an even better note, I’m awaiting the arrival of my OG Avalanche today (thanks Jhauxfan!).

AND if you didn’t buy anything, feel free to simply share what you did today. Maybe you attended or held a fancy throwing event, or maybe you just learned a new trick. Let us hear it! ;D


I bought nothing :frowning: I’ve no money. So sad now :’(


i bought a token and a classic from yye
then i bought 2 new trifecta bearings from another forum member.

all for less than $45 shipped


I havent boughten anything yet, but my WBD Onestar should be in the post today :smiley: , although I am seriously considering getting a 10 ball bearing or some thin bearing lube…


I haven’t bought anything yet, but I do know what I want now.

I just gotta dump some cash into the bank for a few purchase today and I’m good.


Well I was going to get a Trigger and some string but I held back and just went for the string.
This is what I got: Copied straight from my order. I’m stoked about getting the full deck of cards!
Candy Wires Fat-Type
CLYW ‘Snow Tires’ Silicone Response (All season)
Kitty String (FAT)
Metz Strings
Yo-Yo String Lab - Type X String
Yo-Yo String Lab AMMO - 10 Pack
ONE FREE | YoYoExpert Trading Card Pack


General-yo badazz green/clear Majesty :slight_smile:


large duncan yoyo bag because I ran out of space in my current case for all my throws and paid $32.75 shipped where before it would have been $38


Magic YoYo N12 Army Green
Kitty String Prism Pack
Buddah Bearing 4 Pack
YoYoJam Classic Solid Neon Yellow


YoYoJam Classic Purple Body /w White Caps
YoYoJam Classic Black Body /w Pink Caps


I got a fiesta xx for my first offstring and an 100 pack of yoyoexpert poly string.


Alpha Crash (my Velocity broke, so my output of Go West totally died), a Duncan Bearing King (which I want more than the yoyo), and a 100 pack of pretty poly (that should be a brand).


if someone makes this they need to make it in a case that looks like a crabby patty and the case color should match the string


I actually did buy a yoyo today but that was without knowing it was National Yoyo Day.
I bought an orange Duncan Imperial at Toys-R-Us to add to my give-a-ways.


A butterfly at 5-Below.


I think I am going to buy the Sine//Saw.

(Waylon) #16

Black and pink Classic, white and red Techno 2, solid yellow PSG.


Is the black and pink one the picture that is the largest on the page?

(Waylon) #18

To be honest, I didn’t pay any attention. I just thought it sounded like a good color combination.


I decided on a RecRev Silly Goose and @

Stoked to try some new stuff. Surprised I splurged, but saving 30 bucks is a great deal


1 100 Count - 100% COTTON - YoYoExpert String
1 Duncan Counterweight Set
1 Duncan Friction Stickers (Silicone Sticker 12mm (8 pack))
1 YYF Hubstack Catalyst (Red W/ White Z-Stack)