I have the money to get a cheap throw but not the need/want. But great idea. :smiley:

How my NYYD went: I didn’t quite seem to nail Revolutions as hoped for but I did have a cool little yo session during lunch earlier (as I managed to have about 10 minutes left after I finished eating) with the Dark Magic. Nothing special happened, just goofed around, trying to get Revolutions going.

Later when I get home… my niece had recently found her Duncan Reflex I got her a couple years ago for her birthday and the other day she was having trouble getting it to sleep. Earlier I handed her the reflex and told her it’s National YoYo Day and to go mess with it. Still having trouble getting it to sleep, I showed her how to get a strong throw. After guiding her arm and wrist (right down to showing her the snap) she got it to sleep. Now, it’s just a matter of cleaning up that throw and control the swinging going on.

Back to me, I think I may have gotten 1 revolution before having the string slip (I’m definitely not pinching hard enough and I’m also having the yoyo come out of the loop). I am however figuring out a 1.5 mount bind that I seem to keep pulling off. Skipping over to Kwijibo, I have the basics of this trick down and am now concentrating on smoothing out the hops so it’s all like 1 fluid motion. I’ve got something going along…just have to watch my timing. To my surprise, when battling the long lines at the 99 cent store just now, I decided to whip out the One Star and did about 5 Asian Pops smoothly without snagging up on my finger, looked pretty cool!

Lastly, I was talking to my coworker about NYYD and got to talking about the alleged history and how the name came about.

Before the day is over don’t forget to mark this day next year. ;D

Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy!! :smiley: