My birthday is on national yoyo day!

haha just thought id let you guys know that. Anybody else have there birthday sunay?

and what new yoyos did you get on your birthday? i got a fiesta, Dv888 red/black splash, and gana get loop 900s when they drop and i want a clear fhz!

It’s the same with my friend Nate…

That’s cool!

Chico’s too far though… So I’m probably not going…

BTW, for my birthday, I got a…


Adam Brewster’s birthday too.

Darn my birthdays Monday D:

Considering it’s Sunday, Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

(No no, not you, to the yoyos of the nation, JK) :stuck_out_tongue:


You do realize (even though you were joking) that National Yo-Yo Day is not the yoyo’s birthday. No one know’s the birth of the yoyo.

Lucky…if you want a FHZ though, get a modfather one at yoyoguy.

happy bday (late) donald duncan.