I had a fun time tonight!


alright so today we went to the mall for shopping cause my dad needed a dress shirt for a wedding my parents are going to. So we also needed a present for the future to be couple so we decided to go a little mall shop called Brain Toys and they apparently had yoyos and Kendamas in there and any yoyoer in there would recognize these yoyos they had DV888s, Hubstack afterglows, Velocity’s, and one other i cant remeber. So When i went to try a few out cause i could i try the DV888 yoyo there was a knot tied at the bottom. >:( i try the hubstack afterglow knot in that one too >:( The i find the velocity knowing that this yoyo has an easy setting it didn’t have a knot in it ;D so i put it on the “pro” setting and give it a whirl. The lady watching me with the yoyos was all like :o at what i was doing and i had to say it was a pretty fun time. Also i now find that i like the YYF velocity its a fun little yoyo. Oh and some people are probably going to be unhappy when some buy some DV888s knowing there unresponsive. i probably should have told the store owner that now that i think about it… Anywho just owanted to share my little endeavor i had today! hope you all had a nice day!
-Abby ;D


That’s pretty cool!


Nice story I haven’t seen a place that sells yoyos like that before :’( but I’m sure there is one. It is always fun to see the people that don’t know what you can do with a yoyo, it always puts a smile on my face hehe.


I was dumb enough to carry my yoyo with me to homecoming. When I went to go take a picture with my date the photographer was like “you want to take that off so it’s not in the photo” He asked to see it and turns out he was a yoyoer too. So that’s my story for Saturday.


hahaha that’s awesome!