December 22 Outing

Interesting day. My wife had gotten a screen protector for her iPhone, so she had me put it on. The screen guard was a piece of crap, so it had to be returned. As it had to be returned to BestBuy, we opted to not go to the nearby one where it was purchased, but rather go to one at a mall not too far away, mostly since there was a Toys R Us and other stores nearby and thus wrap up christmas shopping.

We arrive at the Best Buy and while I was waiting in line at customer service with my wife, someone asked me if that was a yoyo I had on me. Of course, many you know I carry a DM2 on a yoyo holder on my belt loop. I said it was. He asked if I could show him a few tricks, so I did, but I took out my OG Octave to use that instead. He and his wife were rather impressed with my sub-par skills. He was amazed at the spin times. An older man, also waiting in line, was also quite entertained by the “display”. My display consisted of a double or nothing rolled out to trapeze, kwijibo back to double or nothing, cold fusion, 1.5 to buddha’s revenge exiting with the 2nd half of cold fusion. Then a front throw, atom smasher to mach 5, dropped to a plastic whip and bind. Then a round of rock the baby, jamaican flag and eiffel tower. I didn’t want to get too much more than that due to constricted space.

My wife, on the other hand, was not particularly pleased or entertained, looking at me like “there goes my idiot husband with the yoyos again”. Oh well, we can’t please everyone!

I was asked why I didn’t use the red one(the DM2) and I said it was just because it’s a bit louder than the others and I don’t want to add a distracting noise into the environment.

That kind of made the shopping trip pleasant. After that, we ended up entering the mall and going through Macys. That fragrance department makes me ill(they do anywhere). I’ve got one of those fragrance tolerance issues. I still have a headache from it.

Anyhow, I think we shouldn’t hide what we enjoy. Some wear sports jersey shirts, others hats with brands/logo, some with belts, others with themed jackets(I was wearing a Disney one). While yoyo is a bit different, it’s not that much different. Be proud. Throw with pride. Have fun and share it with others.

Well said! And hey, you won’t please everyone… I know for a fact that quite a few people think it’s a bit stupid to play with yoyos, yet then there are those people who think that playing with yoyos is totally awesome. Can’t let the bad outweigh the good of things. I yoyo in public for 3 reasons: to find other people who yoyo (still not effective), and to entertain people, and of course because it’s fun. I picked up 5A for that reason :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! I was trading with someone on the forums at our town center recently we kept getting stopped every 5 minutes!

Dont even get me started on perfumes, incense is the worst though.

Awesome I absolutely agree. I always try to have my holster with me. If people ask me what is it, I will tell them. If they want to see some tricks I will show them. We gotta spread the love haha :smiley: