I got a gig!!!!

So you guys all know how tomorrow is national Yoyo day, right?? Well, my friend’s mom works at a nursing home and her and her boss were talking about yoyos. Knowing me, she said “I know a kid who can Yoyo”. So now I am going to do a little Yoyo show there! I also get to hang with my friend. Can’t wait!!

I did a similar thing for my little sisters daycare last year! It was pretty fun.

Old folks love yoyo’s

Do some basic tricks and talk about the history, I bet alot of them played with yo yo s when they were young.

Then blow there minds with some modern tricks.

They are going to love it

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Do a gyro flop for me ;D

Best of luck! Have fun!

Nice! U might have to explain how yo-yos are unresponsive now . . . haha. Good luck! I did a performance at my church once. Pretty fun . . . :slight_smile:

I do all kinds of yoyoing for different groups. Plus a pay a visit to the boys and girls club every now and then to show some new tricks and teach them how to throw.