Helping the Community

the other day (before sping break) i went to an elementry school because they were learning about china and china invented the yoyo. so they asked me to come in and show them what i can do. all that i could see were a buch of little kids with there faces like this :o and ???

about half the kids said that they were going to go home that night and buy themselves a yoyo i told them to go to yoyonation and gave them an average price range and what companys were good (of course i told them yoyojam) i showed them my collection and they were dumbfounded

i was only supposed to go to one class but ended up going to three and i gave some other teachers a privet show
it was a great experince for me and the kids :slight_smile:

Great! Sharing yoyo tricks with people (especially little kids!) is alot of fun :slight_smile:

Really great job! The more people in this community the better. But you should have told them to go here if they wanted to buy a yoyo. :slight_smile:

Great! I wish I could do something like that. Although I am performing at the annual city talent show. :stuck_out_tongue:

thats really cool i do some tricks every now and again for people in my classes at school, did you find it nervous or anything when you went up to perform

i bet it was fun lol

How could you?!? lol, jk

Anyway, what companies did you say?

i know what its like, i did a private proformance for my middle school principal :smiley:
good job :wink:

it was a great expeirence all around ;D

my fav part of it waz when they all said they were going to go home and by a yoyo ;D :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

Cool, kids are really open to new experiences unlike teenagers. Looks like we are responsible for the next yo-yo boom.

Sadly. I’m in 7th grade, and only the 6th graders are intrested. But I got 2 people to buy one, and 2 others looking for one. The problem with the 2 other people is that they can’t buy online. So that means they can’t get anything from my location. :’( I want to give them something, a journey, but I spent everything on a DM, and saving for a metal.

i just preformed for my band class on monday ;D people are sstill talking about it

good job!


This is great to see a new generation awestruck with the yoyo! Did you tell them about yoyoexpert to learn yoyo tricks? lol. In my area, yoyos are meh and “geeky” yeah whatever! Yoyos are over 9000!

and now i put on a show for my history and study hall and band

Same here i have my economy class every other day and they are always looking for me to start the class off right with a little yoyo.

i just put one on in my science class :smiley:

I yo-yo when I’m bored and people say show-off. It’s called practicing…