YoYo Demonstration?

So my dad set me up to do a yoyo demonstration for some elders at the nursing home he works at. It’s supposed to be half an hour so I need stuff to fill all that space. Do you guys have any ideas on what I should talk about or what specific tricks I should do?

I’m thinking of starting off with explaining how back in the day 30+ years back when they were younger, yoyo was much more popular and saying how most of them probably had a yoyo as a toy when they were kids and stuff. And I go on to explain how in the past 10 years yoyo has evolved a lot with bearings, unresponsive yoyos, offstring, counterweight, etc.

Then I’m planning to go on to demonstrate the 5 main styles and show them a few tricks for each style, explain how they work, etc. Telling them how we can do all of the insane stuff that seemed impossible decades ago. I’m thinking of showing them the more basic stuff that they’ve probably seen before and gradually getting into more advanced stuff to show what can really be on.

Of course, the group I’m demonstrating for are older folks and not little kids so is there anything particular I could do to “connect” with them more? And specifically what else should I talk about or demonstrate?

Any thoughts welcome, thanks for the help guys!

Don’t try and pull off what would be your most impressive tricks to other players. Do very visual stuff. Things like Elevator rather than some random laceration combo. They will enjoy it so much more. Also, anything which seems risky is always great. Good luck!

Also, many of them could have played with yoyos when they were kids, so do things like walk the dog, some basic whips, and maybe some mounts. They will connect to that more than a long combo.

You should also probably show them the yoyo’s inside and bearing up close, because I’m pretty sure that they have never seen a bearing in a yoyo.