My First Demonstration: Any Advice?

Well in my church I’m doing a demonstration for the little kids (4-8 year olds) about yoyoing. Do you have any advice for me? coughIcthusandsamadcough

Don’t do a lot of fancy tricks. It all looks the same and gets boring after awhile to little kids. Maybe at the end do a couple of you best tricks but not a lot. Do stuff that the kids know like Cradle, Walk the Dog, etc. Maybe even let them try some of your yoyos (not your good ones), teach em how to yo a bit. Eli Hops, Grinds, Leg Wrap trap are good tricks to entertain the crowd.

loopers are flashy and entertaining to crowds. 2 handed loopers astonish most crowds of kids. it almost looks like juggling. theyre not going to be as entertained by something complex like “ladder escape” as much as something flashy like a few eli hops or shoot the moon. especially younger children arent going to have much interest in string tricks and such, i mean to a 4 year old theyre not going to be more entertained by a “spirit bomb” more than say “kwijibo” and to the inexperienced spirit bomb and kwijibo look the same. simple and flashy would be the way to go if you ask me. also, everyone likes picture tricks! picture tricks and pocket tricks. those are real crowd pleasers.

I would just bring your best and favorite throw you got, play it hardcore, and give it all you got. Don’t do stuff like Rock the Baby, or else they will get bored. And you wouldn’t be spreading the word about what yoyoing is today by doing Walk the Dog and Rock the Baby. Just play it hardcore and give it all you got. They will be impressed. :wink:

Aside from all the “fancy tricks” advice, I have one thing to say;


I’ve done three performances for the same occasion, and my hands were sweaty as pickle. Gloves might save you from that.

Don’t talk much about the bearings, how different response types are used, types of styles and tricks, etc. I gave a demonstration last Friday and spent almost all the time talking about the above topics and did basically 1 trick… So it wasn’t very good. Remember to make it flashy and do things that LOOK hard for little kids. (Or any demonstration, as I found out.)

If you want to impress the kids do really easy things like around the world and rock the baby, get cheap yoyo and do walk the dog. When I showed some tricks to the kids on my shcool a trick that impressed them was eli hops, they were alway asking for walk the dog but I wasnt willing to ding my yoyo. If you have a yoyo with hobstacks, do some hobstacks tricks, they´ll think your doing some magic to the yoyo. If you have an OS yoyo do some high wip catches.

Picture tricks and easy tricks. I know when I do demonstrations I always take along a few cheap yoyos to give out.

But like evryone else has said, don’t do much complex stuff, it’s not all that entertaining, they’re four year olds for goodness sakes! lol

don’t use effects, and dont care what do others say, just show your style! ; - P