Yoyo Demos

So, my mother, being the awesome mother that she is, brags about my yoyo skill at the school that she works at. Now, in like two or three weeks, i have to give a demo to 1st and 2nd graders at an afterschool program. Now Ive been in circles with groups of people talking about yoyoing and the such. But i have no idea what to do for the littler ones. Any help?

There little, so start off with the basics, like: Rock the Baby, Walk the Dog. Then do some harder but more impressive stuff like boingy- boingy. Just don’t go to adavanced. Keep it simple, smooth and tight.

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yah, the tricks don’t necisarrily need to be complicated, they would love stuff like gyo flop. And make sure your metal doesn’t hit some kid in the head.

Honestly, gyro-flops aren’t near as impressive to people that don’t understand physics in any sort of manner. Once you get to like high school, it’s quite a bit more impressive, but before that it’s nothing special to people (except yoyoers of course). Just make sure to stick with the basics, then big flashy tricks. If you can do 2a, 4a, or 5a, explain what you’re about to do, and then you’ll really impress them.

i know they don’t understand why it’s cool, but every little kid i’ve shown thinks it’s cool. As for 5a and 4a, i’d be worried about hitting someone.

I’m going to be in a gym so space isnt a huge issue.