Yoyo demonstration - For the elderly

Hey everyone! So today, I woke up and remember that I was supposed to put on a demonstration for a bunch of elderly people at my sister’s work!

So, I didn’t really prepare for it. :stuck_out_tongue: I got there, the workers set up the chairs around the area that I was about to perform in. I set up my case and got out the yoyos that I was going to use. My sister put on some music, and I started to do my thing! First, I started off with a responsive yoyo. I did basic tricks like trapeze, walk the dog, and rock the baby. There was this one woman that kept cheering (Oh, and I mean really loud) every time I got the yoyo back to my hand. It was really funny!

Secondly, I took out an unresponsive yoyo, I showed them the difference between responsive and unresponsive, which they found to be very interesting! One woman asked why my string wasn’t twisting up, so I showed her about string tension! She found it really amazing, her mind was blown!

Finally, I took out my unresponsive yoyo which had a counterweight attached to it. Their minds were shattered by counterweight, they were really amazing. I’m not even that good at 5a!

After I finished doing my presentation, a lot of the people started asking questions. It was really fun!

The best part is that I didn’t even really plan for it!



I bet those people really enjoyed it !

Certainly sounds like both you and your audience had some fun with it. Sometimes it’s just best to go with the flow of things, where ever it may take you.


Yeah, us old guys are easily amused. :smiley:

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Right on! Love stories like this. My wife’s nana is in a nursing home. Maybe I should volunteer to do a little show/demo some day. How long was the demo/show?

You totally should, Greg! You never know, they might even add yoyoing as a past time at the home =)


I was thinking of doing this but i thought that they would not be able to see it.

I’ve done this this before and got called stupid by a 76 year old man he said “yo-yoing is in the past go grab a foot ball or one of those ps’s then he mumbled to another old man that I’d never get a date” (and yes he really did say ps’s) but other wise it was really fun.

That is so… I’m not even sure there’s a word for it.


Old people.

Don’t get me wrong. Old people are either extremely mean or some of the nicest people you’ll meet. I hope I am the latter when I age into an old fart.

He probably wouldn’t have been so upset if you had just stayed off the lawn!

Seriously, though… that’s just wrong. But there’s always going to be a jerk or two, at any age! Being elderly and in a nursing home might make one a bit grumpier than one would normally have been to begin with. As long as the rest went well, that’s an acceptable loss. :wink:

Well, it was one of the most enjoyable occasions in a while for me. It went for like 20 minutes… It was mostly old woman, but they loved it! They kept asking questions, and I gave answers which they liked. I thought it was a great experience. They were flabbergasted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, I thought that I did great! They loved flashy tricks, repeaters really got them excited. :slight_smile:
It was just a great time!

My gramps and grandma love my yoyoing, and also all of their old friends love to watch my videos so I don’t know what’s up wit dat old guy.

Cant wait to be old so I can place at worlds and look BA on stage. With Gentry hair.

I am very proud of you Shadowz…

I work for a group of retirement communities. We have four locations with independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care. Our residents range in ages from 65 to well over 100. With all kinds of abilities and disabilities.

I had the A2Z yoyo team come in here a few years ago and do a demonstration for our residents and it was just AWESOME!!! We had many of the same reactions as did your group of older adults (yes that is what we call them)

These fine folks have lived very fulfilling lives and need a lot of companionship and anything that can be done is a great thing. When they see yoyoing it brings them back to a happy time in their lives. They feel like kids again… The yoyo is truly a magical toy!!! Kids, adults and even older adults just love them!!! Great job man!!!


Thanks! That means a lot coming from you! They clearly enjoyed it! They love having young people around, they were so happy! :smiley:

I think not planning a presentation can often turn out better than what is rehearsed. It seems you had fun, everyone was entertained, and they learned something. It was great of you to donate your time for something like that. I bet it was a very fulfilling experience for everyone. You’re a great guy…and great job!

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Thanks! Yeah, I loved it! I think I would have messed up my routine if I had one. :stuck_out_tongue: They loved it anyway!

If you have any left!!! :smiley: