Too old to start?


Hi all, I’m about to turn 46 and I’ve recently found this awesome hobby of yoyoing. I am having a great time doing it and catching on pretty quick. I’m curious, are there any other “older” players out there? Did I stumble upon something I’m too old for? I kind of feel funny buying yoyos most probably because of the “ages 8 and older” on the packaging lol. Please tell me I’m not alone.


All age groups are accepted in the community with out judgement :wink:

If it’s something you love doing, age shouldn’t matter


Vic, there are plenty of us old dudes. On the forums, too. I’m 40 myself, started when I was 38. There are several 50+ members around.

Last year we did an “Old Folks Who can Sort of Throw” battle that was pretty successful, and I hope to run it again this year. Two categories: “a year … more or less…” and “yeah, I’m over a year and getting not bad at this”.

You’re in good company. :wink: There’s also Glenn Godsey, a 78-year-old sponsored player for General-Yo.


Thanks, I feel better now. ;D I have actually started taking one with me when out and about. Especially to the mall. I found it’s a lot better than having to go into the stores while the girls are shopping. Funny that I’ve actually gotten a few “wow cool” “oh look at that” while playing.


Yup. By far, positive comments are the most common response. I play at the mall (or anywhere else) as well. I always have a yoyo with me. :wink:


Inspirational stuff below :wink:


Let’s just say that Glenn is one of the few older than me…




It’s never too late to yo-yo. You might appreciate this video we put together for National Yo-Yo Day If you make it to any of the major contests it is well worth the trip. You will meet plenty of older players. Have fun!


while I have never stopped it is not until recently I have gotten a non responsive and full metal yoyo’s.

will be 70 in september…




Never too old, I’m 53 and just “started” three years ago. Go have fun, don’t worry about how strange you may feel. it’s all in good fun.

old dog

(Yo^2) #11

I’m 53. I had a Tom Kuhn Roller Woody that I got back in the mid 90s. It sat in my desk drawer until February of this year. I decided I would actually learn to use it, so I started watching videos, and ran across this guy named Andre ( :slight_smile: ) doing tricks with non-responsive yoyos. Didn’t even know they existed. Now the Roller Woody is proudly displayed along with 14 other yoyos. My wife just shakes her head. I guess I’ll never grow up. I hope you don’t either.


If having fun means never growing up, fine, I will never grow up :smiley:


Thanks everyone! I’m with you, Let’s all have fun and not grow up! I’ve also found that having yoyos is kind of like having my bicycles… If my wife found out how much they cost I’d probably get in trouble!


True fact.


I started modern yo-yoing when I was 60. I am now almost 65 and even though I m not progressing well I love working at. It helps my hand/eye coordination.


Never too old, man. I’m 34 (and a lawyer), and I play with yoyos.


Take it from another Vic. If you enjoy it that’s all that matters. I rediscovered yoyoing about four years ago I’ve played on and off since I was around 8. I’ll be 52 in September and I love it more than ever.


Just turned 29 this year and i’m back in a big way. I’ve said it before but I was really into it in the late 90’ but now a days it seems like not many from that time frame are still into it. Its either people before or the new younger crowd.


Yay older folks


I got back into it 6 years ago at 45, after 30 years when I was a kid.
Its become a good part of my life