UFVC - Final Round

As you may know, registration has closed early. Contestants have already starting submitting videos (which is great) and some more are on the way. This page will have the contestants videos and scores.

Link to original thread with rules, format, etc.: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,71936.0.html

Preliminary Round Details and Scoring:
Each player will submit a 1-minute long video of a freestyle using only up to 3 takes. They will be scored on Entertainment and Cleanliness (up to 35 points) and Technical Execution (up to 65 points). The top 10 players will advance to the Finals.
As for deductions. Points will be deducted for video cuts (3 points), yoyo restart (1 point), yoyo change (1 point), switching of play styles (3 points), [only if offstring] offstring yoyo bounces on the ground before play is continued (1 point). Note: if 2A or 3A is being used in the video, players will receive double deductions if both yoyos must be restarted or switched out.
I have made sure to explain all this and more scoring to my assistant judges (LEDGERYOYO and Modman10).

Contestant List: (in order of registration)

  1. Erik Kerber
  2. abby1371
  3. YoYoGoD24
  4. The Yoyo Nerd
  5. owngry
  6. Y0Y0SR2PR0
  7. Tubby Omnivore
  8. kclejeune
  9. bcmaddog
  10. andy569
  11. The Yoinator
  12. TurboChicken
  13. shen703
  15. stuarttw
  16. baerinatux
  17. IGNILA
  18. En5an3

Contestants who have submitted videos: (in order of submission)
The Yoinator
Erik Kerber
Tubby Omnivore

1st Place: Tubby Onivore (95.5 points)
2nd Place: stuarttw (94 points)
3rd Place: Erik Kerber (90.5 points)
4th Place: En5an3 (90 points)
5th Place: baerinatux (90 points)
6th Place: kclejeune (86.5 points)
7th Place: owngry (85 points)
8th Place: The Yoinator (84 points)
9th Place: Abby1371 (55 points)
10th Place: IGINLA (38 points)

I, currently, only have 3 of 18 videos. There is still time but just don’t forget. :smiley:

I should be filming today, as long as I don’t get super lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

I PD’d you my video :slight_smile:

Sounds good

Got it. Great job.

Don’t forget to add me to the list zoro

The conversation can continue on from here.

Get those videos in people. I only have 5, I hope that’s not all I get from the 18 that registered.

Bro relax. People like me haven’t forgotten. There’s a whole five days left to do this thing lol

I’m to film mine today after I finish my classwork.

Not to brag, but I am a good patient deer hunter, but when it comes to this, my patience level is really low. :smiley:


Let’s be real here… Most of the people are going to submit on the last day…

Yeah, probably so.

Gah I didn’t have time to film today! Too much homework but now that it’s done I shouldn’t worry I now have the weekend to study for my HAM radio license and make the YouTube video.

:smiley: Sounds good

I’m doing mine tomorrow

Just gonna BS the prelims with my usual routinely tricks and see if I make finals :smiley:

I’m doing mine today, almost done

Okie dokie

Okay so I was looking at the rules and wouldn’t make more sense for finals to be 3 minutes i mean that’s how long they usually are…
UPDATE: just finished my video and with the music its a little over a minute but thats the best i can do for the video.

Most states finals are 2 minutes I think.

Yup FL stares sure is