Old Folks Who Can Sort of Throw Battle 2013: VOTING NOW OPEN!


Voting now open!
Division ONE: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,62984.0.html
Division TWO: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,62985.0.html

The Meat of the Post

  • It’s a 1A trick battle of oldsters!
  • Now with two categories!, both for anyone putting themselves on the “old person” list. Category 1: zero months to roughly a year (or a year and a few months) of… “new”?.. experience? (childhood doesn’t count!) Category 2: the rest of all y’all creaky buggers
  • 1 minute of throwing, no edits
  • Regens optional, multiple throws allowed
  • Due date: June 30, midnight Eastern Standard Time.
  • Music: optional
  • Links to videos may be submitted to me, GregP. If you don’t have YouTube/Vimeo/other hosting, send me a PM and we’ll work out a way to share your videos. I’m pretty good with the intertubes.


  • Bragging rights
  • 5-pack of Unknown Yoyo Strings “Jackrabbits” for all submissions regardless of division, final placement, or even if you’ve submitted a showcase video
  • $50 YYE Gift Certificate from YoyoExpert for the winner of each division!
  • additional 5-pack of “Jackrabbits” for the winners (thanks, Modman!)
  • each division winner will also receive a 10-pack of JAMS string and a counterweight, courtesy of Andy569
  • the runner-up from each division will get a paracord yoyo holder handcrafted by thehandcoder!

Additional Info:

  • If you want to just submit a video to share it (not to compete), feel free to send it to me with a note indicating that it is “for showcase only”. You’ll be eligible for the free pack of strings, too.

Original Post (kept for posterity but not up-to-date)
Alright, folks, get ready for the exciting event of the season! The canes! The walkers! The facial hair (well, for the men… and possibly some of the ladies…)! The “Rock the Baby” tricks!

At least two of us (myself and yooldman) have agreed to meet in fierce yoyo battle. If you are someone who considers themselves in the “older” crowd, and have been throwing from 0 months to roughly a year (nobody’s going to cry if you’ve been throwing for a year and odd months!) why don’t you join us? Show the young crowd that with some months of work, we oldsters CAN do impressive tricks like Double or Nothing and Plastic Whip! Even though the age requirement might seem vague, trust me: if you consider yourself an “old guy/gal”, you’re in. If you’re not certain and you have to ask… you’re probably pushing it. :wink:

The rules are among the strictest you’ve ever seen:

  • 1 minute of throwing, no edits (but you can do as many takes as you want. We’ll never know unless you tell us!)
  • Regens… YOU CAN REGEN??? That’s awesome! The rest of us will just use multiple throws if we need to. :wink:
  • 1A unresponsive style to make it easier to vote when the time comes
  • Due date: June 30, midnight Eastern Standard Time (strict, right??)
  • Music: sure, throw a track on there. If you don’t know how to do it, let me know and I can help you out (but you’ll have to be ready a few days earlier than the deadline!)

If you would like to join, you don’t even have to “sign up” in advance. Maybe you’re filming yourself for the next 25 days and you finally land a minute you’re happy with… why not send it along at the last second? If you decide not to join, you don’t even need to risk public humiliation!

The winner will receive… oh, I dunno… anybody want these LED’s I ripped out of my son’s sneakers? Nobody? Nobody? OK, well I’ll come up with something. :wink: Certainly you will get bragging rights.

I’ll update this thread if I think of more details. In the meantime, contact me if you have any questions. And enjoy this video of me from a few days ago. This is what you’re up against in the “somewhere in the neighborhood of a year” category, folks (in full disclosure, I do have a few nicer tricks already…but it’s not like I’m going to be worlds different from this in another month):




Neat video. :smiley: That’s a weird mobile link, though. Only kids know how to use them “cellular phones”… so here’s the desktop link:



Really cool to see Man on the Flying Trapeze actually looking like a Man on the Flying Trapeze!


I’m really tempted to do this lol. I’ll get smashed, but still, sounds like fun for us older guys :wink:


Being drunk for your 1 minute is not a requirement, but you’re welcome to it!

Join us! You’ve got a month to perfect your Split the Atom! :wink:

(Alex Fairhurst) #6

Greg reminds me of Ed Haponik. So unassuming

and bald.



I consider myself one of the old dudes, but after watching Greg’s video I know I’d get destroyed. Maybe with a few more months practice…


It surprises me how many age groups are on here. I mostly expected 13-30 year old people here, but I guess not. It’s so awesome whenever I see somebody so young doing his own combos and the same goes for somebody who is 40! You don’t look so old yourself Greg.


I want a pair of loop 900s now…


I can’t wait to see the up coming posts for this thread.
I will be 51 this year but I only just started yoing so I really can’t compeat here yet :frowning:


I always love watching old yoyo masters. Their tricks seem to have a flair and smoothness that I don’t see very often with modern yoyoers.


I am down!!! Just need an iphone tripod :wink:


Heheh, well, I’m not THAT old. But I’m 39.

I mostly threw up that video as a relatively honest representation of what I can do (like I said, already learning new stuff since that video!)-- it’s such an informal battle that I think y’all should use it as an excuse to show off your throwing anyhow! :wink: I just didn’t want to mislead people or anything… I mean, I have SOME tricks!

I do think there are people with roughly the same amount of time throwing that can lay the smack down on me… and I welcome them to try!


I will donate a 5 pack of unknown yoyo string jackrabbits, just a little incentive. :slight_smile:


I love everything about this thread, maybe I’ll try to put something together with my mediocre skills.


haha that was awesome! your a fly old man! lol that pocket bite was sweet and the spaghetti is always a fun trick! nice looping bro.

on another note…



I’m in! ;D

Geezers rule.



Just being gassed out of my computer room by my dog who is here at my feet. He’s also an old geezer. Something has gone wrong with his bowels. (TMI??)


Yeah, man! Swag it up (can I even make an expression out of “swag”? WTH, Greg?)!

And Behemoth, you have 25 days starting now… GO! :wink: Join us!


I’ll see what I can piece together, don’t expect anything amazing hah! And you can use swag however you want, at least with me, because I’m not even sure what else it means aside from stuff we all get.