"Old Folks Who Can Sort of Throw" Vids and Voting! - Division ONE


Let the battle begin! More complete details including prize list found at the original thread here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,61706.0.html

This thread contains videos for the “zero months to … ehh… a year or so…” division. But there’s a second poll! Please visit the thread for the “yeah, I’ve definitely been throwing longer than a year” division, found here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,62985.msg671366.html

Votes close at 7pm EST on July 3**, with the victor to be revealed soon thereafter!

**The forum software won’t actually let me set my optimal options…didn’t know, and didn’t want to hold off posting. Worst case scenario, I can lock the poll at the set time but the forum software forces the results to be revealed 3:20am July 4… darned technology… not sure if I can get the results early after locking the poll!

Voting guidelines
This shall be a “hidden” vote. We would love for anybody with a YYE account to vote and help crown the winner! Vote for whoever you want and for whatever reason you want (in the end, SSShshhhhhh nobody knows)! Be that as it may, in an ideal world, I’d love to encourage a quick read before voting:

  • The rules as stated were: more or less one minute of throwing 1A unresponsive; multiple throws allowed; no edits of the trick portion; music, intros, etc. are optional
  • Some of us made particular song choices making the videos not playable on mobile. Please find an “old folks” computer (laptop or desktop) to view all the videos if you wish to vote; it doesn’t seem fair to vote based on only 3 of 10 videos that you could view.
  • Music and “bonus footage” is for fun. The vote should ideally be based entirely on whose trick set you preferred. It’s that simple. Everyone has play style preferences; vote for whoever you enjoyed watching (but again, ideally for reasons relating only to the tricks).

To the vidos! (in no particular order)











Just started watching these, and I’m stuck on the first video cause I can’t stop listening to Peter Gabriel. Such a great tune! If it were possible MikeEff has just gone up in my estimations for his 80’s music choice!


Fine work!!! You all look great!!! I think us old guys need to show these young kids whats up!! :slight_smile:


WOW, they are all so good. I am nowhere near even in cat.1 … :-[ but I had fun. :wink:


kitebug: Yet, you have skills I envy, too. Lack of picture tricks in mine isn’t by design… I can never get a tower or any other trick to stay “open” or symmetrical. In any event, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that it’s fantastic that your attitude was, “I’ve only been a few months, never mind a year, but what the heck? All in good fun.”

Also, don’t tell anyone else, but it took me SO MANY takes to get that one I put up there. SSSSSsshsshhhshhhh, I want people to think I’m always that smooth. :wink:

…wait, did I say the quiet part loud again?


Wow! Division One is a LOT better looking than Division Two.


(Waylon) #7



i think bpg and waylon were better than the rest, but i chose BPG! He had the most original tricks, and while the others were good, i noticed most of the tricks performed were on the yye trick ladder :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jei Cheetah) #9

Yooldman had much more flow and control than anyone else.
For this, he gets my vote.



I think everyone in this list is better than me. Mine has the most standard tricks. I like everybody’s videos though. They’re all awesome. Thanks Greg for organizing all of this.


I had to wait until I got home from work before I could watch everyone’s videos, talk about a long day.

Great job to everyone. It was nice to see so many of us take part in this. Thanks to Greg, too. It was really a lot of fun.

I appreciate that :), really means a lot coming from you.


Hey now… Twirly Bird, Bucketception, and Tunnels are not on the trick ladder! :wink:

A bunch of guys on here just OWNED, though. I can’t pick where my vote should go here either!


“Winter is Coming” … Love it!!!

House Stark for life!!!

(Waylon) #14

:slight_smile: My girlfriend got me that. She has one in a cool blue color. Winterfell!

Greg should have called this the Old Nerd Battle.


Got my gf a House Lannister T with the emblem and the slogan ‘Keeping it in the Family’. Once I saw the slogan I couldn’t help but pull the trigger.

And these vids were all awesome. I keep coming back and watching them over again :slight_smile:


“Keeping it in the family”. Hilarious. :smiley:

@mgiroux77: old nerds indeed! Mark that down as a missed opportunity for the wonderful combination of truth and hilarity. :wink:

(Waylon) #17

I have to find one of those for the lovely Audrey. She’d love it.


Funny, I have that same T, and was thinking of wearing it for the video. What a great book! and the HBO series is working out too, even though they cut out 1/2 of the characters.


Division 1 = old farts that just started throwing some of us have not even gotten past the advanced part 1 of YYE list. so yeah, what did you expect. :o


Wow, gratz to everyone for submitting! This should be a semi-annual event – where its ok to throw out your best brain twister or whatever. I never would’ve submitted mine if this was a battle of originality. Thanks for the nudge Greg! If anything, it’s fun to see what other forum peeps look like. :wink: