"Old Folks" who can sort of throw BATTLE 2014 - Division TWO videos



Voting link is live! The same link is used for both divisions:


Prerequisites: Be a YYE member and have an opinion! You do not need to understand “contest judging”.

Overview: Voters are asked to cast votes based on trick execution. Voters do not need to count string hits or even have a particularly educated opinion… if a yoyoer has tricks that for whatever arbitrary reason “look better / seem better / impress more”, that’s where the vote should go.

It is not an artistic performance or art direction (nice-looking or well-edited video) contest; I want yoyoers to feel comfortable that shooting 1 minute on their phone will still put them on equal footing with the “movie directors” out there!

Example of Doing it Right: You might think to yourself, “wow, ThrowerX looked great there. Those tricks put a smile on my face, and that one at 0:30 was just awesome-looking. I liked ChuckerY’s tricks a lot, too, but there was something about ThrowerX’s tricks that just kept me more interested!”

Example of Doing it Wrong: You might think to yourself, “I know ThrowerX had some real bangers, but that shaky camera phone made it a bit hard to follow. ChuckerY might not have been as smooth, but I really liked their fancy setting and using a nice camera sure helped make a better overall impression.”

Those are just examples… I’m merely trying to emphasize that you are to exercise your opinion, but that the opinion should be about tricks.

The Division One videos are found here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,76154.0.html

Each entry follows the format: name: non-embed link;

  1. slowyojoe : http://youtu.be/qpTT8Mj32EA
  2. aaronbrink : http://youtu.be/cXjQBzt_co8
  3. baconNeggs : http://youtu.be/B3iw_4kZows
  4. yooldman : http://youtu.be/_15vJLsusd0
  5. Turbyonium : http://youtu.be/bDnll_e-lOE
  6. Sloppybinds : http://youtu.be/0l-3kyG3VjM
  7. Peter : http://youtu.be/i2MpCBKbMWc
  8. mgiroux77 : http://youtu.be/Mn0s430clQo
  9. GregP : http://youtu.be/8M7L0XlY9kU
  10. Slicemage : http://youtu.be/44_Et6-fxWg
  11. Beezy : https://vimeo.com/100011546
  12. Paul Dang : http://youtu.be/pl-Z4WwfZrI
  13. jeffbenit : http://youtu.be/zGDvTPH9zMs
  14. waylon : http://youtu.be/OjROHv35vFA
  15. fellavader : http://youtu.be/YLspyzXMmU8


Due to forum software barfing, embedded thumbnails are removed for Division Two. The links are all you really need anyhow. :wink: Thanks to those who weighed in with opinions!

(2Sick Joey) #3

There are some great videos on here! Brownie points to Turbyonium (Jared) for using a 2sick yoyo :wink:

(Waylon) #4

I’m looking forward to watching these. I caught a few that were posted elsewhere. Great stuff.


I’ve already watched all of them once and made my short list for voting :slight_smile: What’s awesome is in pretty much every video, I saw at least one element that I’d like to pick up and incorporate into my throwing.

(Waylon) #6

I think a few of us were in division one last year. It’s fun to see the growth and progression.


I’ve been perusing these videos, and firstly, some of you guys are awesome! Secondly, couldn’t agree more both Waylon and thehandcoder, there has been a serious progression in some of the throwing, and I will definitely be requesting tutorially things. Finally, I think it’s cool that several of us threw in some grind work. You don’t see that too much these days, but it must appeal to the, uh-hmm, trendier better looking older crowd :slight_smile:


Voting is live!


I watched them all a few times each so far. Can’t say it any better than its already been said!


Watched them all a few times and made my choices. Tons of great tricks, and really nice, smooth combos. Learning a ton from watching these, and will definitely be keeping an eye out for more videos from you guys in the future!

Thanks for putting this contest on!


I just voted. What a blast I had watching all the videos. There were definitely some standouts. Thanks for everyone who participated and to Greg P and Yooldman for throwing (pun intended) this together.


All the thanks go to Greg.

Thanks Greg . :wink:


Voting was difficult in both divisions. I enjoyed all the videos and applaud all those who entered.

Question: Where were the “Old Folks”? How about a 50+ division?


Unfortunately, it would be a small division. Someone could make a whole separate contest for that, though…! :wink: I might have to rename this contest next year. It was always meant tongue-in-cheek, but it does cause a LOT of comments…haha!



Disappointed that I couldn’t get an entry in - but really excited to see what the rest of you are doing! We need more contests like this. Thanks to Greg for organizing and everyone who entered… man, voting was tough!


Hehe, yeah. My mother asked me if that makes her ancient. Another vote for the name change. :smiley:


Yes, indeed many thanks, Greg!! This contest has been awesome. From planning tricks, to filming and laughing at my outtakes, to getting to know the folks on the forum - the whole thing has been great. Thanks for the time you put in!


I am getting ready to vote and I just noticed Paul Dang did his video Southpaw. Show off :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup. That massive awesome combo to kick it off, and then southpaw.


This is stupidly hard to vote on. Ridiculous. I should be ashamed for even asking you guys to pick and RANK three videos. WTF was I thinking.

Tournament-style next year? Hahaha!

Seriously, though. This sucks. Now I “have” to watch them for a 5th time and still second-guess my choices. Thank god watching them is hardly a chore. :wink: