"Old Folks" who can sort of throw BATTLE 2014 - Division ONE videos



Voting link is live! The same link is used for both divisions:


Prerequisites: Be a YYE member and have an opinion! You do not need to understand “contest judging”.

Overview: Voters are asked to cast votes based on trick execution. Voters do not need to count string hits or even have a particularly educated opinion… if a yoyoer has tricks that for whatever arbitrary reason “look better / seem better / impress more”, that’s where the vote should go.

It is not an artistic performance or art direction (nice-looking or well-edited video) contest; I want yoyoers to feel comfortable that shooting 1 minute on their phone will still put them on equal footing with the “movie directors” out there!

Example of Doing it Right: You might think to yourself, “wow, ThrowerX looked great there. Those tricks put a smile on my face, and that one at 0:30 was just awesome-looking. I liked ChuckerY’s tricks a lot, too, but there was something about ThrowerX’s tricks that just kept me more interested!”

Example of Doing it Wrong: You might think to yourself, “I know ThrowerX had some real bangers, but that shaky camera phone made it a bit hard to follow. ChuckerY might not have been as smooth, but I really liked their fancy setting and using a nice camera sure helped make a better overall impression.”

Those are just examples… I’m merely trying to emphasize that you are to exercise your opinion, but that the opinion should be about tricks.

The Division Two videos are found here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,76155.0.html

Each entry follows the format: name, non-embed link, embedded view link

  1. lax30 : http://youtu.be/zmYbviW8PLw
  2. jon walker : http://youtu.be/f1qkYLbJOng
  3. CrawfishYo : http://youtu.be/rV1le46HEHE
  4. mdk0209 : http://youtu.be/UVmZ33XMU44
  5. gnny : http://youtu.be/CWGqPCcKunU
  6. burdger : http://youtu.be/1irROTR6FHU
  7. berto : http://youtu.be/PBXJdJyMxFc
  8. thehandcoder : http://youtu.be/OYMsIPbXdcw
  9. Aceproductions : https://vimeo.com/99494073
  10. Yo^2 : https://vimeo.com/99771447


Voting is live!


Didn’t lax say he’s only been throwing for 3-4 months? That is insanely good, especially for an older guy

Crawfish and aceproductiln are also incredible for 3 months, kwyjibo,black hops, skin the gerbil, and jade whip :o




Wow! Under a year? All the videos are great. It’s going to be tough to pick out a top 3.

lax30 wins best beard overall, both divisions.


Watched them all a few times and made my choices. You guys all put me to shame - you’re all miles ahead of where I am :). Very nice assortment of tricks and combos all around!

Thanks for putting this contest on!

PS - This year’s crew is quite beardy :slight_smile:


When i first saw the videos I was surprised by the amount of beards.

My beard was 2" longer before the video was shot. My wife decided it had to be cut. :frowning:

Everyone is doing really well for being old and new to throwing! You all motivated me to get back to learning Yuuki Slack and Superman!

With yoyo being a solo activity it is an interesting change of pace to compete even if it is online in a 1 minute video. I feel like I had stagnated since I had learned most of the tricks I wanted to initially and the tricks I still had to learn seemed slightly out of reach. After seeing guys with less time in doing those tricks it is spurring on the competitive side of me!

Thanks also to everyone who made this contest possible! :slight_smile:


Yeah I just trimmed my beard back a month or 2 ago.  It had gotten pretty long.  I’ve got my winter beard going in this video.  I wish I has some good shots of it at it’s longest.

Last years contest was a big push for me as well.  I had only been throwing for few weeks when the contest was announced last year, but I pushed hard to learn a couple of tricks.  It actually helped me get over that initial learning hurdle.  This is another great year.  Every video I watched had at least one thing I wanted to try to learn over the next year


Wow, I thought I had a chance until I watched all of the videos. Yikes, you guys are amazing!


Thanks for the kind words! I’ve been throwing a little over a year. (ace production)


Oops, you started April 2013, not 2014, I misread :smiley:

Still pretty good though :slight_smile:


Great videos Guys!!! really digging all the beards!


Great work!


We need more contests like this! Really great to see how my fellow “oldies” are doing, I’m impressed by the quality of you “noobies” - keep throwing and keep having fun, voting was hard!


Some really great stuff here guys. I’m very impressed. I had to refrain from voting based on some of the song selections, heh. I’m glad I did it, even though I have no chance in winning. I made my first crappy video, and it wasn’t as embarrassing as I thought it would be.


Good stuff, guys! I just finished watching all of the videos for both divisions and was impressed! Good luck everyone :wink:


Great entries! Its fun being a judge.
So any video contests for the 20 somethings who can sort of throw? :wink:


Hehe, I think one or two crept in here! I didn’t poll ages. Next year to avoid ambiguity (which was totally intentional, by the way, but which simply seems to have run its course) I will probably make it strictly 30+.

The name will have to go, too. A few of the genuine “old folks” (ie. legit senior citizens) took a bit of umbrage to the name, and the internet being the way it is I couldn’t tell if it was teasingly or half-serious. Probably rename it to the “30-yo+ folks who like to huck return tops” or something.

All the 20-somethings who weren’t sure if they qualified for this contest or not will probably be quite happy to join a 20-something contest. :slight_smile:


I’m a 20 something year old! :wink: I’ll participate in that contest!