"Old Folks" Showcase


From now until July 3, 7pm, anyone who shares a video to this thread is outing themselves as an “old person” and may be rewarded with a 5-pack of strings. :wink: To qualify, you just have to legitimately consider yourself one of the older throwers around.

Got enough strings? We still want to see your videos! :wink:

I’ll kick it off with a pair from slowyojoe and myself, who also have official videos in the “Old Folks” battle: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,61706.0.html

This one is the first take that I almost submitted to the battle; ended up wanting to throw a couple extra elements in it so I re-filmed. No idea why I always go “Whoah!” when I do the Tunnels trick:

This one is a whole different set of tricks by Joe, compared to his battle video:

Got a video of your own? Fire it up! It’s just timing/coincidence that Joe and I had some extra stuff from the battle to share… yours doesn’t have to be related to that in the least… it can be edited, any length… old (as long as you were “old” in the video already!), new, whatever. Heck, film you doing your latest trick you learned and that’d still be cool to see. It’s all up to you!


Okay Here you go.  I just started in Mid May so I had to include at least half of my video as me untangling a knot and winding the string.  It normally accounts about 50% of my time.



This was my initial attempt at the contest!!!

(Waylon) #4

I’d do the same but I don’t know how to edit out all the swearing :wink:


Courtesy of Mannix: