Any older folks that started in the last year?


If you feel like you are old and you have been throwing for around a year or less, you should go enter the “Old Folks” competition.  The Category 1 (less than 1year +/-) only has 2 entrys at this point.  There are some great prizes so go give it a shot.  Doesn’t matter if you’ve only been throwing for a month.  Take a quick 1 minute video and enter.  Everybody that enters a video gets some free string and a chance to win a gambit.  Come on, I know you guys are out there.  Don’t be shy.,75201.0.html


I’m 14 can I enter? ???


Hahahaha :smiley:


I am not very good and don’t consider myself old at 27 but I do meet the criteria since I have only been throwing unresponsive for 8 months. I will have to check this out…


I thin 14 might be a few years shy. Jon you should definitely put something together. Worst case you get some free strings.


Come on guys you still got about 10 hours left. I know you can put together 1 minute of video over the next 10 hours.


My submission has been entered!