Invitation to all YYE members... come along and vote!


As some of you may know, I’m running the “Old Folks” video battle. Some of you may have noticed the topic, read it once or twice, and then just started skipping it (and rightfully so!) imagining that there’s nothing in it for you.

What you may not know is that the vote has always been meant to include EVERY possible YYE member I can convince! It means far less to the competitors if only the “Old Folks” place their votes. So if you members of all ages want some chuckles, to encourage the new “older” players, and to be astonished by some of the awesome skills found in both the newer and experienced divisions… I would love if you would take the time to watch and vote!

Everything you really need to know is in the top half of the first post here:,75201.0.html

If you choose to take the time to watch some 1-minute videos and vote, you have my gratitude! If you do not, then… then… GET OFF MY LAWN!!!



You crotchity old man!


Why you… (shakes fist angrily)

Voting closes tomorrow at 10pm EST. Support the older players of this forum by watching our videos! And since you will have watched them… cast a vote. :slight_smile:


Still have until 10pm today!

It’s a lot to ask people to watch 25 videos, even if they’re short… (the wise people have spaced it out… the silly people like me did it in one review session!) but I would definitely appreciate your efforts.

Even if you can only make time for one division, you can put N/A in your votes for the other division.

Thanks to those who have voted thus far!

Since I haven’t mentioned it in this thread… major thanks to the sponsors:

One Drop
Tropic Spins
Unknown yoyo strings

and of course forum members Ginny and yooldman. :slight_smile: