"Old Folks Who Can Sort of Throw" Vids and Voting! - Division ONE


Haha, no problem! I agree with everyone who has said it’s great to put some faces to names. Very cool indeed!

Next year, some of us will be Division TWO! Better start working now… :wink:


Next year sounds good, maybe I’ll still have some hair left. :smiley:


I can’t believe how GOOD you guys all are! After a year I was just learning to bind…

I am still not 100% sure who I am voting for, but there are a couple of people I am leaning more towrds. It’s also so fantastic to put the faces to the screen names!


Ah, the one category where I feel I was the clear leader. ;D


Youre way too modest, you got me beat in more than just the hair category. :wink:


Less than 7 hours to vote! Me, I can’t pick. It doesn’t seem right to “null vote”, so I’ll pick something before the time is up, but youse guise have made it so hard! I won’t give the rundown the same way I did in the other thread, but there are so many standouts here…


Can I just add to this that I want a bpg tutorial on that crazy tech trick stuff. There’s string everywhere, and it looks really cool. I have no idea what’s going on but I’d like to learn…

Edit: GregP cleared up that what I was after was called Rancid Milk. I’m all over that…


I’m really impressed! I didn’t expect this level of competition.
I loved the Grandma Kimmit Sandwich variant from bpg and practically all the music selections.

It was pretty close for me.
Yooldman, your flow was great and those suicides were solid, but Greg gets my vote for trick originality and a pretty much diverse and fun to watch performance (you nailed that Spirit Bomb!).

Kudos to everyone!


Great job everyone! Really been enjoying seeing this all unfold!


Wow, picking a winner was tough, much tougher than division 2 and last week’s contest! Congrats to everyone, this was very inspiring to watch!


It’s a tie! Congrats bpq and GregP!

(Waylon) #32



Congratulations to Greg and bpg.

Great work to everyone.


Congrats to all!!! And to my friend Brian!!! Way to go buddy!!!


Nice, Good job to Both of you!

I will be better prepared for the next one :wink:


Woah, a tie, congrats to Greg and bpg!

And to everyone who participated or chipped in a prize, y’all made this fun. Definitely looking forward to the next “old folks” contest, and not necessarily to participate although I’ve certainly gotten the bug to make more videos in the future, but to see more older throwers getting into yo-yoing and showing their stuff.



Thanks, everyone! Very honored to be sharing top spot with bpg!

A lot of fun to be had, and not as tricky to organize as people are giving me credit for. I didn’t do anything much; prizes were volunteered by our generous donors (modman10/Unknown Strings, andy569, thehandcoder, YYE) without me really needing to lift a finger… polls are not hard to create.

I did make two mistakes: sending slowyojoe to fight it out with the “advanced” division, and failing to include Mannix in the competition. Luckily both are super-awesome people who forgave me for my mistake (“mistake”… muhahaha, nobody will ever know I just couldn’t handle Joe in our division!). So yeah, I appreciate all the wonderful comments in the threads and through PM, but I don’t deserve so many kind words.

Really, yooldman was the one who came up with the crazy idea in the first place and it was he who agreed that opening it up to multiple people (“the more the merrier”) would make for a fun competition for the old farts. Big thanks to the follically wealthy old man!

bpg, I’ve got some new tricks to aim for now. :wink:

If you haven’t sent your address yet for your strings, please do so! Would love to get those sent out to everyone.

I said some other stuff in the main thread, so I hope I’ve covered enough bases regarding the results of division one… don’t want to miss anything important… Huge thanks again to all the prize donors.

HUGE THANK-YOUS to everyone who watched the videos and voted! Can’t do these contests if nobody votes! But more importantly, I think most of us made these videos as an opportunity to share and “be seen”. Thanks to your views, we accomplished that goal.

Thanks again, and looking forward to the next one.


Congratulations bpg and Greg! Outstanding job!
We need to keep things like this going so we can continue to be inspired and progress as yoyoers.

Thanks again! This was really fun!
I’m taking my one vote and framing it. ;D


Well done to the winners, thank you to the sponsors (and everyone who took part), and an extra thank you for GregP for pretty much coordinating the show.


Um…er…wow. Thanks guys. And thank you to the 11 immediate family members who signed up to the forum just to vote for me.

Greg…you da bomb. What a fun event! Maybe I won’t be as nervous next year! I think this could really motivate folks…I know it has my attention.

Ok, off to work on Beezy’s flow…