Tutorial contest

I posted this in general so more people could hear about it. I will be hosting an online contest. This will start on Friday April 20 of 2012. A tutorial will be required to be posted that day and every friday until July 13th of 2012. Contestants will start their own tutorial thread. As soon as a contestant misses A day they are eliminated. If more than one contestant makes it to July 13th 2012 then I will make a poll asking which contestants’ tutorials were the highest quality. Tutorials must be embedded into the contestants’ threads. Tutorials also must be posted to Vimeo or YouTube. Tricks in the tutorials cannot be repeated for another day, and it is recommended the tricks are original(but not mandatory). Pm me if you’d like to compete and I will add you onto the list of competitors.
I understand that this will be hard so edit: I will allow 5 tricks in the total competition to be uploaded up to one week early. I will also allow friends or family members to upload the videos on the required days. These tricks will not be required to be uploaded to the forums but will have to be on YouTube or Vimeo on the required days. We will be going off the time/date on the forum webpage. It might be friday where you live, but it might not be for the forum.
I will gladly take any suggestions to modify these rules.
edit: I changed the start date to april 20th 2013 to give people more time to sign up. Also Nivo suggested quality over quantity for tutorial expert, so the new deal is: one tutorial every friday until friday, july 13th of 2012

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Is there a prize to this contest?

Either way, sounds good, and best of luck to all.

I’m working with yoyoExpert to see if the winner can be named tutorial expert. Like forum expert, but tutorial.

Would you like to enter?

Look, I love to make tutorials, but making one EVERYDAY for a year…

I have a life outside yoyoing and I travel all over the country for sports competitions. So being able to make a tutorial everyday is not even possible. I don’t have that much time to devot, and the tutorials i make can take a minimum of 2 hours to make. That’s A LOT of time

I am finding that a tutorial a day would be hard for a lot of competitors. I also really want this to be a fun contest. So I am changing it to one tutorial every Friday.

All the other rules are the same

meh… too much work

I am so entering!!!
Cant wait!

I forgot to mention. The contestant’s threads must be in the yoyo tricks category. not video category. Those in the video category will be disqualified.

So far our competitors include

  • pudge34
  • Canadian Caribou

If you are on this list and would like to be removed please notify me.

wow once a week is still crazy … not that i will enter either way … and every trick has to be original wow thats like … 52 original tricks!!

Good luck to you guys!!! and the winner will be announced in a Year? too far I think.

To be a Tutorial Expert… we should not just go by the amount of tricks they can produce originally…

it should be the best explanation and how good they are at teaching the trick. like for example … how many people actually walk away from learning the trick … in all levels from beginners to expert. It could even be other tricks that people have a tough time learning … and maybe we can have a thread were people ask for a detailed explanation of a certain trick etc, and who ever the Expert is … should be able to explain it in a video …

just my two cents :slight_smile: … great Idea though

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Once a friday is reasonable. Although I don’t got 52 original tricks. So let me get to some thinkin!

Does this mean you’re in? :slight_smile: Id love to see you compete. Note the new end date. and they dont have to be original tricks, but it is recommended. It would help you in the vote at the end if you make it.

I need more than two competitors. So



its a lot you are asking …

you have to make it a little bit easier …

I know rethink had one like this but he only had people submit One video and everyone voted on that … i think there were ALOT of entries … and a prize too … you should let people know what they are working for.

so that might work out better.