I don't see any yo-yo battles up..... lets start one!

So the rules are:2 minute video, 1a only, as many people as possible, as many tricks as you want, filmed and posted by next friday or so. Ill fix it if I can’t.

Bring it on people!

Also, send me the link to your video and ill put it up on the main post. I want this to be fun so anyone can join ;D its about fun, not winning.

I may have left an important fact out,if you’re gonna join, reply to the thread saying so.

I am in.

Come on yo- yoing peoples,its all in good fun ;D

Turtleyo are you participating in this?

I’m so in, will motivate me to film some stuff I’ve been meaning to.

Yes… can’t wait for it,have to get batteries for my camera…

I’ll join.

Count me in!

yea its funny… not really many battles…

i was a pen spinner before this. and on the pen spinning forums… battling is pretty big!
We have a Pen spinning raking ladder displaying wins and losses.

lol… im kinda exaggerating. its all out of fun^^

Due date is next Friday, August the Fouth, correct? I’ll try to make a video by then. Any rules on editing?

Yes next friday. Editing wise… i don’t know what do you want to do? Tell me and i’ll see if we all think that it’s fair.

Pretty much am I allowed more than one shot in the video? Or is it just no cut freestyle.

Yea,more than one take is ok.

I might not be able to film my video in time because today I got hit in the eye with a baseball and I don’t feel like making a video with a black eye. But I’m going to try my best to film.

Hey I’m dropping out, I got a lot of summer homework and too much procrastination… Sorry guys. :’(

im extending it to next wendsday because i can’t get on the computer tomorrow…

I’m in! How do I join

Well, I might not do it, mainly because I have a talent show to practice for. so I’ll post a time next week.