(Johnny rocks!!!) #1

Hey guys,

i have been wanting to have this contest for a long time i just keep forgetting, :smiley:
so anyways the contest is for the best new trick please post a video, your name, and your tricks name


the trick must be 1a
the tricks name must be original
the trick must be original
please put your name next to the video

i will pick the best trick on (MAY 26 2010)
GOOD LUCK!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

(Zach Smith) #2

Ok, since i didn’t see the thread for the other trick contest so here’s my latest trick, Milky Cascade.

Zach Smith

(Johnny rocks!!!) #3

good job zach thats going to be hard to beat :slight_smile:


I’m not going to do this, but it is a fun idea. However, please don’t spam in the title. “Contest!!!” would be more than sufficient. Thanks.

(Zach Smith) #5

aw come on, go ape on this contest! XD… See what I did there?

But for real, give it a shot, you can give me a run for my money, no doubt!


Go ape on it. Haha that was good.

I just don’t have time, besides during school, but they frown upon making yoyo videos during notes. Haha.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #7

hey guys, don’t mean to be rude but this thread is meant for contest related things.
I know that it did evolve the contest but i mean videos, so maybe you can delete it?

(jared) #8

heres my new trick its called reptar : ) Jared v.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #9

nice jared!

(LookAYoYo) #10