The official "Best new trick to bring in the new year video competition" !!


So. New year new yoyo tricks. Which one is the best?

Well we’re gonna find out!!

Make a video of you doing that one hardest trick in your bag. Not a combo of tricks but ONE trick(ie Adam Brewster and “juggleing”)

Only one entry per person per division(ie 1a 5a 3a etc), and you have to name your trick(Creativity points)

I will start a poll of all the entries in every division and you the public decide the top 3 tricks, then they all go to the final poll where the winner is decided.

Please post your trick in this topic first, and then on the fourms, and also put the divison/divisions next to each trick clip(mobieus counts as 1a)

Happy Throwing and may the best trick win!!!


I will join, when will the deadline be till.


The dead line is febuary 20th. sorry about not putting that in the topic :o


My trick Mr. Knot it all from Eric Horn on Vimeo.

This is my trick Mr. knot it all, 1a


I will join too.

Here is my video


BUMP. I need more entries!!! Did i mention prizes will be anouced at a later date. So enter enter enter!


I’lll make something by this saturday


I’ll probably have one in soon


What are the prizes


They will be anounced at a later date, but there will be some strings involved, and bragging rights, and possibly a traveling trophy, if i can get it together :wink:


here’s mine…


Well, can you make a beginner part for each division? I have no chance of winning against the 3 videos up.

(Zach Smith) #13

I’ll make one in the next couple of days.


No sorry. Mikers also entered his super short. nice job so far.


This sounds fun… I’ll get one up soon.


Oh, and you shouldn’t allow more than 1 regen, or else I could go on forever. ;D

(BaileyT) #17

Here’s my trick, Pop to Tower.  1a


Here’s mine, Huaiyu pronounced “why you.”

(Zach Smith) #19

Here’s mine. Its called Milky Cascade.


made this trick on the spot

I’m not going to post this on the forum