fun yoyo contest(with prizes) if you are up to it


ok lets just make it simple
whoever can do all my tricks in this video

and PM me a video of you doing all the tricks b4 august 25  and you will wins a:
-Mint stacked PGM(version 1)
-a kk ceramic bearing
-with all the highlights I have left
which is about 15-30
too lazy to count




Why…this will be a hard challenge, but seems like fun.

I’ll try!

(Mitch Ginder) #4



What a coincidence! I happened to just have made a video and it has all the same tricks! Even the same name on the video and background and same clothes! Crazy! :stuck_out_tongue:



Apetrunk beat me! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mark) #7

Lol. That PGM looked promising too especially because it’s version one.


in your dreams
and my instruction said it has to be you yoyoing doing those tricks


I really hope that was a joke.


im in




it was a joke

(Mark) #13






Next time, please use a “:P” or write sarcasam.

I thought you were serious.

(Eleazar) #16

awesome tricks would try but…


I think after the contest is over some tutorials may be in order… Sweet tricks! Just no way I’ll be able to learn them on my own :-\


maybe there will be a tutorial