The official yoyoexpert Plastic yoyo video contest! PYVC (Prize!)

Hey guys!

Jayyo here.

I want to do a video contest for all of you.

I notice that in many yoyo videos recently, everyone is using metals.
Now there is nothing wrong with this, bit I would like to see some of you guys throwing plastics in a video!

Its to prove a point that plastic yoyos can do most of the same tricks that metals can.

So its time for:
THE OFFICIAL YOYOEXPERT PYVC! (plastic yoyo video contest)

Post a video of you yoyoing here in this thread with your plastic yoyo, and when I get all the videos by the deadline, I will make a poll for the YYE community to vote on!

There are two divisions!
Hyper level
And Maverick Level

Hyper: Advanced players,
Maverick: Beginner and intermediate players.

Videos must be put on youtube or Vimeo for us to see
Videos must be 1A
Videos must be around 1 minute. Allowing 5 seconds more or less at max…
Videos must be clear, no white shirts so we cant see the string.
Videos must be submitted by the deadline!
JULY 4TH 2009!
Use clean music please. No swearing! If you submit a video with bad music, you are OUT!


Hyper: You will get a FREE Shinwoo Techno Korean Nationals 05 special edition!

This is a very nice and smooth player. Very under-rated.

Maverick:you will win a weighted modded Duncan mosquito donated by Roberto2393!!!

Free to the winner of the contest!
Shipping is free in the US, International winner must pay for shipping.


So thats it!
Go make a plastic yoyo video!

And post it here!

Good luck!


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Does a yoyo with a plastic center and a metal edge count? Or does it have to be a full plastic yoyo?

Full plastic only please :slight_smile:

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I was planning to enter with my DM. :’(
Anyway, watching other people’s vids is also fun. :slight_smile:

Im in! even though ill probly fail lol


Does a legacy count because it is weighted? If not I might use my kickside, but its not very good…im prolly gettin a big yo soon, so…

I’m in 8)


I’m in! Does it have to be 1A or other stuff like 0A.

Speed Maker, we must win

Another SPin on Things: Is that prize a 1A or 2A yoyo?

1A please.

Acrylic is awesome!

Legacy is fine.

Any all plastic is fine.

Good luck!


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I hope to buy a new camera sometime soon.

Yes, Delrin is plastic. It is fine!

I’m in with my Lyn and PGM! My ladder escapes will own all… lol

But i’ll be gone for a week at camp.

This looked so promising until:


Fudge cake. Shipping to Singapore is like…

At least we have a month to make the video… :frowning: :frowning:

Sorry for you guys… But if I get a new camera I am using Silk or Cream.

I would enter… but I’ll be halfway around the world when the winner is announced…

Ok I think I will join when I find a way to film myself yo-yoing. I will probably use my legacy. Also, any tricks are fine, right? There are no rules about that?

The Prize: How much would that yo-yo cost new? And is it really a very good yo-yo, or is it just cool to have?

Awsome, I’ll join.


Also, do we HAVE to have music?

Its actually a nice yoyo. Plays really well.

The original technos arre about the same price as a freehand 2.

But the Korean Nats edition I am not sure of.
They didnt make many.

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