Plastic yoyo video contest voting poll! (MAVERICK!)

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Ok guys, awesome show, I will make 2 threads for the voting for the contest.

This is for the maverick level!

Here are the players!

Using a speed beetle!

Awesome with a PGM!

Smooth mooves on his speedmaker!

Takin the journey on said yoyojam jouney!

Thats it for the Maverick Division!

If I missed anyone, pm me.

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Deadline for voting is on July 14th!

Winner of the maverick division is taking home a modded mosquito from our own Robert!!!

I will go and make the poll for the Hyper Level now!

Good luck everyone!


(SR) #2

I voted for Contagon. I found him the best. All of you are great players, though. Good luck to all of you!

(SR) #3

Hey Jayyo, I would bump this regularly so people see it and they vote. Most people won’t reply to this.



Very nice style and smooth.

(SR) #5

Amen, brother. :smiley:



(JayVee) #7

Haha, compared to everyone else, I look like a complete…beginner… But it’s alright, cause I can see how well I’ve improved since I made that video.

Great job everyone! ;D
I can’t wait to see who wins.


Some people voted for me! I’m tied with Contagon!




Thanks Man!


I voted Chris. He had a great variety of tricks (slack and otherwise) that he performed with extreme fluidity. Good job, Chris!



I voted for cantagon. He seamed really smooth and the video was really clear.


Thanks Guys!

BTW: What happens if two people tied? It’s a really close race here.

(SR) #15

I swear I was just thinking that.


Chris! His front style trick won me ;D


CHRIS! was vary smooth editing was nice. I didn’t really care if the quality of the vid was bad i just thought he editing and music was good. The front style tricks where really smooth. Good luck Chris maybe you will git my mosquito. Later.

Keep it spinning™


Chris no contest.


MAN these guys Pwned me…


Thanks for the support!