Plastic yoyo video contest voting poll! (MAVERICK!)

Thanks for the Support guys! Front Style is my best. Contagon, very smooth and love the GT Laceration!

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Right back at you Chris! The front style trick at the end was amazing and very smooth just like the rest of you vid!

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Keep it spinning™

Close Race!


Am I losing because I’m Asian! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t say that. This is a happy place. :wink:

Hmm… Phiz will definitely vote for me… :smiley:

I’m hoping that Chris can win the race.

THanks guys!

BTW: If anyone wants a Tutorial on How I get into the Split Bottom mount, then just tell me. It’s how the Pros (especially Mickey) does it.

haha, that can be easy to me.


Contagon, when you win, you deserve it.

BTW: Can you do a tut on those cross arm combos?


Still anyone’s game

You don’t need to bump it if it’s on the first page. I don’t believe it was even on the bottom half at that.

that is true

Sorry, force of habit.

why isnt anyone commenting for me?

accidently was on my friends account :stuck_out_tongue: