Plastic yoyo video contest RESULTS!!!

Alright now!

The contest is over, lots of great videos were seen, but in the end, only one will take the prize!
(or 2 I should say thanks to the 2 divisions.)


Maverick Level!



Hyper level!


Congrats to both of you!

Con got himself a nice modded mosquito!
And RS got the Korean Nats 05 edition Techno!!!

Ill be PMing you guys about that in just a sec.

And thanks to all who made such great videos!
They were awesome!

And hopefully, we showed some people that it is possible to do all the tricks on a non metal yoyo.

Big thanks to Robert for the prize for the maverick division!


Congrats you guys!

You both were really great.

This just goes to prove you don’t need a metal Yo-Yo to always use. They are good, but no real difference between a Yo-Yo.

Good contest, Jayyo! :wink:

Congrats you guys!

Happy Throwing! =]


But…rsmod, are you going to pay for the shipping?
Just courious.

No, the shipping is free when its a contest prize. Rsmond only pay shipping if he buy some yoyos from Jayyo’s yoyo sale.

Happy THrowing! =]

No, since he doesn’t live in the United States, he would have to pay shipping.


Happy Throwing! =]