Plastic yoyo video contest voting poll! (HYPER!)

Here we have then voting poll for the Hyper level players!

These guys can really throw!

Here we go!


Tossing down some tricks on his PGM!

Tossing down some tricks on his PGM!


Milk! Glub glub GLUB!



If I missed anyone, PM me.

Amazing skill here!

Vote Vote Vote!

Deadline to vote is on July 14th!

Winner will be getting his very own Korean Nats special edition Shinwoo Techno!!!

Good luck everyone!


This is too hard to decide.

I voted for davideyo. All you guys are amazing though. Good luck to all of you. Keep up the good work!

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Can we vote? Like for our selves. :smiley:

I would if I was you. :wink: :smiley:

knobbemoki deffinently.



Kobbemonki had a little more difficult tricks but RSmod was smooooth.

Gotta go with RSmod :-\

Im going to have to disagree kobbemonki had less hard tricks but was way more smooth RSmod had good tricks but was a little sketchy, i had to go with kobbemonki cause i love smoothness

I went with davideyo, but I have to agree that kobbenmonki was the smoothest.

i would have voted for RSmod but i really couldn’t see any of his tricks clearly, if his video was better quality then i might have voted for him.

Sorry jayyo i accidently clicked kobbe instead of davidyo so make sure to take one of kobbe

davidyo is actually winning cause i accidently submitted one to kobbe

Whoever the guy is with the duncan freehand 2…what kind of camera do you have because this is some clear stuff and you can see the actual yoyoing in real time unlike my camera looks like a bunch of pics in a slideshow thanks if u can get back to me

Close race between rsmod123 and knobmoki1, I’m going to watch the video a bit more.

Allright! Hooray for the Duncan Freehand!

rsmod had better tricks after watching the videos…a lot.

Davidyo! ;D

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I agree.

Rsmod’s tricks were really good and smooth. His face reminds me of Takeshi for some reason…

It is a poloraid digital camera, and the quality is set to 640