YoYoeXpert Video Battle Tournement! rsmod123 vs. eightpints! Vote!

rsmod123’s video!

eightpints video!

If I can Vote im not completely sure i would say it was close but im gona have to go with rsmod123 both of you were real great

Wow. You tho have incredible editing skills as well as yo-yo skills. I honest had to flip i coin on this one (15 times). Then I went with my instinct and decided that rsmod should get this one barely. Good job to both of you, you both deserve the win.

haha thanks ppl! You are pretty good 8pints!

p.s. am I allowed to vote? ;D

p.s.s. i really wanna vote!

p.s.s.s. I havent voted yet ;D

man you guys are good.Its a hard decision but i have to go with rsmod.But eightpints you were great.

i think i gotta go with rsmod! seem more fluid! and u got editing skills boy! lol i do like a bit of production value so u get that point as well! lol

im not the guy who makes rules but i think you should be allowed to vote. i mean people running for president are allowed.


Hmm. I have to say that i “beeked” (yes I make up words) towards rsmod123. It looked really fluent and smooth. So I put my note in Rsmod123’s box.

Addment: Eightpints did great, but I only have one note/vote, so you will get smileys :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D :o 8) ::slight_smile:

Yes, you’re allowed to.

My vote goes to rsmod.

The Flops won me over to RSmod

Anyone can vote.

Also, I only count 3 flops. The rest are just for show off-ing :wink:

Don’t worry, I wont count the others against you, just do 3 from now on. That is, if you win :wink:

I vote for the little asian boy, good work men you both were great

haha the flops get points? OWNAGE! oh well only 3… man i feel guilty that i got 26 votes and eightpints got only 2 :-[

eight pints all the way, we could actually see his string :stuck_out_tongue:

haha for the next video, I’ll go outside so there is more light!