YoYoeXpert Video Battle Tournament! RESULTS ON THE SECOND PAGE!

Okay - I got the judging done, but I wont reveal the points until voting is done! I will lock this poll tomorrow! By Sunday, April 26th, 20098, we will know who is victorious…





Thanks everyone for your participation!

Gosh, This is hard… Both AMAZING skill and Editing. I’m gonna have to go with Kim-Lan. She has worked harder to get here doing 5 rounds while others only did 2 or 3.


Sorry, but I like Kim-Lan’s style better. It’s kinda like mine, but she’s way better. ;D

Gosh, I’m a sucker for eiffel towers.

Sorry rsmod, the border was really distracting… Both of you did awesome but I think Kim-Lan did an overall better. (extra points for better music too)

~yo! shi!

Its close but Im gonna have to go with rsmod. I really liked both videos though

Sorry RSmod…ima sucker for Brendon Urie. Not to mention your video was pretty blurry and it was hard to follow your yo-yo.

You both are good and play very well.

haha i wanted to try something new for the editing, but i agree kim’s vid was better ;D

RS. Border and lighting was bad. But your smoothness and speed was great. Kim Lan, that was great! I liked the Eiffel Towers but I think I saw too many XD. I like your binds though.

Hey Samad, how does the voting affect the points? is one vote 1 point? Just wondering ::slight_smile:


Man I’m gonna lose if i don’t win…

That’s an interesting sentence you have there.


Kim-Lan is much better

lol random sentence. Btw, what time is it where you are? is it around 2 am?

Its 10:55 PM for me :wink:

Man I’m gonna sleep if I don’t stay awake…


First off I want to say that this was a great experience. The competitors did an amazing job with everything, and were fantastic. Congrats to both of you - You did great. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner. So scroll down in order to see who is the YoYoeXpert Video Battle Champion For the Beginner Division:


And The Winner is…[/b]


Kim-Lan is the winner of the Beginner Division! All I have to say is that It was an extremely close match. Without the Votes, the points were this:

rsmod123: 62
Kim-Lan: 63

And the votes boosted Kim-Lan up ever so slightly. CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you all had a wonderful experience with this, and I hope you guys improved your skills in the course of this :wink:
Thanks everyone!

Kim get another contest! Gratz Kim-Lan you worked hard :wink: