YoyoExpertTutorials Contests Winners!!! Yay!!!

After oodles of deliberation, Samad and I came to the following conclusion: We received so many wonderful entries, that it was hard to choose one that was just perfect. Therefore, we have chosed TWO winners of this lovely little contest. Mind you, that just because you weren’t selected, does not mean that your video was of low quality. We enjoyed watching all of them, and learned something from everybody.

So, without any further adieu, I would like to announce the winners!

Jayyo - Quick Wind http://vimeo.com/2281689

Kim-Lan - Hoppin’ Clouds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpT8KJey9Uk

Thanks for everyone who participated!!!

Awesome! Congradulations, on winning Jayyo, Kim-Lan! :wink:

Awesome, congrats on winning winners ;]

Why thank you! :slight_smile:

Big congrats to Kim as well!


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Congratulations Jayyo and Kim-Lan. You guys really earned it. Give your self a pat on the back.


Very good work!

Grats! Now, you are part of YYET ;D I think.

Dang, good job jayyo, lol i found that out a while ago, but i was lazy to put it up, its a great way.

that is my real bind
I got it from john chow
big inspiration
congrats to the winners
I would have competed but I didn’t know about this contest