Yoyo-Related Meme Giveaway!!!! Winner on Page 14!

Hey Everyone! I have been wanting to give away a yoyo to one member here on the forum and was just waiting for a good idea to pop into my head. So I finally have a contest in mind that wouldn’t need yoyo skill but more of yoyo whit! I am going to hold this contest for YYE members to win a cool yoyo. The only downside is that the winner must be inside the United States. I love all the YYE members but shipping outside the US would be to costly for me, Sorry. People outside the US can submit just for fun but wont be able to win the prize.

I absolutely love meme’s (If you don’t know what those are, you must live under a rock!). So the contest will be to make memes that are yoyo-related! I love making yoyo related meme’s so why not see the creativity and humor people here have.

This is how it works:

1.) Generate a Meme. The meme can be any of the characters and not limited to any! Of course no vulgarity in words are allowed (Ex. Most interesting man in the world, Fry, Trollface, etc.).
2.) Post your meme’s on this thread to be entered.
3.) You may create as many submissions as you want.
4.) Make them funny…If I laugh or its just whitty or anything that will likely make it a contender!
5.) Entries are due Friday, October 18th at 9PM!!!. I will pick the winner and announce on here and they will receive the prize.
6.) Again United States only can win. Sorry for all my other peeps!

Here is the prize for the winner! A powdercoated Werrd TFL! Awesome yoyo and would look good in someone else’s collection!


im not funny

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This wins in my opinion. Good luck beating this everyone.

Looks like time for me to copy all of the responses to the spin dynamics most spinteresting man in the world contest

Just kidding btw


not sure if I did that right, let me know if you can see it
EDIT: Never mind

This bad boy.

Last on is YoyoBrothers

Nope, can’t see it.

I could sit here for hours making these things xD

Well, this is my entry. I really felt like this describes me when I’m put into a situation like this. I hope you can relate.

Entry :

Not really a meme…

Some of those memes are used wrongly


I’ve seen memes that have used pie charts…

Sweet contest! I’ve alway liked memes and here’s one I made a LONG time ago! And I’m pretty proud of it too:

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http://cdn.meme.li/i/oxh46.jpg http://cdn.meme.li/i/oxh85.jpg

Yea i know it sucks but its worth a try

2 memes in 1=DOUBLE WIN… duhh