GRYC Weekly contest #3. Last weeks winner - Modman10!

This didn’t seem to fit into any of the subforums nicely, so I put it here. Feel free to shuffle it around if you need to :slight_smile:

Oh hello there.

Welcome to the weekly Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. contest thread!

In order to add a little spice to GRYC, I’d like to start the official GRYC weekly contest thread. It’s completely free, with a winner announced every week, chosen by me, who will be given a prize.

That’s right, you can win string JUST for posting! No work required.

THIS WEEK’S CONTEST: Monday, December 10th - Monday, December 10th
Best picture of a yoyo OR best yoyo related drawing.

PRIZE: 10 GRYC Strings of choice

Enjoy, I look forward to the entries :slight_smile:

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Random Drawing o.O

You could do a one throw only video trick contest? A thirty seconds or less video entry of your coolest combo in one trick. Winner would just be the most skilled/innovative/creative/etc. It would be so fun!

How about the GRYC bind contest!

Each of the participating players send in their entries of their most innovative ,original bind.

The binds should be judged in categories such as:





-and presentation


-sponsored and non-sponsored players can both enter.

-The bind has to be completely yours.

-It can be a tutorial ,if you want ,so others can learn of your fantastic bind.

-It can’t be more than thirty seconds ,unless it is a tutorial.

-Only one entry by user!

The prizes would of course be picked by Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. :slight_smile:

If this were to happen ,it would be tons of fun! :smiley:

Best slack trick.

Best String Rejection trick contest

Most confusing trick contest. The kind of trick where you are like, What the fudge just happened?!?!!
The kind of trick that appears to be an illusion, or edited!

Magic knot contest. Who can do the coolest “Magic knot” trick basically

Eh, lets not make it yoyo related so beginners (and more importantly me) have a chance to win.

Create a logo/brand image contest

Im pretty sure he already had one of them contests…

Maybe a best poem contest?

And you have to use Grand Rapids Yoyostring in it maybee?

Keep them coming, there have been some great ones so far :slight_smile:

Remember, anyone can enter!

Yes, best poem. I already have a good poem written out. Thanks Nemyo :smiley:

Picture throwing in a strange or cool location.

Best gt involved trick. :smiley:

best picture of self?

Best picture of self while you are yoyoing?

Yes, that’s what I meant.


Wrong thread