Come be the Judge!

Raptor T. and myself did a video battle, and we left it to you, the yoyoexpert community, to judge!

Raptor T’s Video:

My Video:

Voting will be open till tomorrow at noon! Please watch both videos before voting!

Regards, and thanks!

videos aren’t working

just click on the link to watch!

Voted for you. Your style was just smoother, and your video was also cleaner.


Mind Blown, That was pretty darn smooth


You both did well. Raptor T. I would just work on getting a little smoother. :slight_smile:

Two words Shorter. String. But you still got my vote.

RGTproyoyo’s was smoother, and a little better looking.

‘Looks at own video and says’

Man that is some bad video quality. Lol. I didn’t bring my a-game, I was saving my better tricks for a big video that I plan on doing. Good job RGT

Both of you need quite a bit of work.

I couldn’t vote as I feel you both are even in terms of needing improvement to give a better answer.

Raptor’s tricks look very sloppy without direction, and lacks transitions.
That said, he has an eye for unique concepts it seems, and seems to be developing some original content thats out of the box, so I give him that.

RGT is also pretty sloppy without much control it seems. The style he seem’s to be trying to get is a bit too typical contest orientated style without much originality.
That said, he seem’s to have a bit more flow than Raptor, so theres definite potential in the future.

Both have potential, just will take some work and effort.

Thanks for sharing.



Raptor, your song choice is horrible.

To be fair, I think that you had better lighting, using natural light outdoors, and using a yoyo that contrasted with your shirt and stayed in frame made it easier to follow and evaluate your play. RGT seemed to have a lot of harsh shadows and fish eye effect in his video that was distracting.

Thanks Haru yeah I try to be creative and think outside the box but I agree that those tricks weren’t very good. I need to work on my transitions. Thanks :slight_smile:

I voted RGTproyoyo, for overall smoothness. Less sloppy transitions, more ‘intentional’ moves, more of a sense of purpose rather than a bunch of disjointed tricks thrown together.

Aside: RGT, where’d you get that display case behind you? Been looking for something similar…

For the record I filmed this after football practice and TONS of conditioning and banging my head into the star runningback and having a headache, I was too tired to do more. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it, I am not trying to be a bad guy but I just took offense to your post. I am trying to be nice, so please try to do likewise. Thanks.


I’m sorry if I offended you!! I was trying to be more constructive than anything else; you’re both great throwers, I was just comparing you guys relatively! I think you could put together amazing combos, you just need to work on finding tricks that work well together.

Essentially, you’re better than I am and definitely a skilled thrower, I just think RGT edged you out because of the cohesiveness of his routine.

Re-reading my post, I can see how it sounded mean, and I definitely didn’t mean for it to sound that way! I hope I didn’t ruin your mood, and I hope this makes up for it if I did!

EDIT: I re-watched your video to make sure I knew what I was talking about, and I didn’t really :stuck_out_tongue: the tricks all work reasonably well together, you just need to work a bit on smoothing them out. For example, the last bit where you’re shaking at the string trying to get it to dismount - if you could figure out a way to do that in 1 smooth motion, you’d have a great finish!

Yeah, sorry if I jumpedout at you, and yeah thay last bit would have worked if it weren’t so darn humid. Thanks. :slight_smile:

No problem at all man, like I said I re-read what I wrote and I totally saw how it could have been taken personally. And yeah honestly whenever I try yoyoing outdoors, it goes to heck, any sort of slack/laceration/suicide/etc messes up, and the humidity can ruin a lot as well. I’m always amazed that the pros do so well at US nats and other outdoor contests!

Also be sure to link us to the vid you mentioned when its ready, the one you’ve been saving your best stuff for! Would love to see that.