Surge video contest results!!


For those of you who haven’t seen them yet and those who want to discuss how things turned out.

I was extremely surprised with how the results came in. They were definitely nothing close to anyone’s predictions. I guess the guys at YYJ were looking for something different than we were (or perhaps, connections? XD).

(kclejeune) #2

Personally I think third place should’ve been higher… I feel mine should’ve gotten 2 more points :wink: The first two didn’t impress me so much. The editing and quality on second place was strange IMO. First place had it all but the music drove me nuts… So yeah, I don’t necessarily agree with the placing, but I respect it.

(kclejeune) #3

EDIT: Sorry guys app screwed up and double posted.


I liked the entries all of them were good.


I honestly don’t agree with it. I would have changed a lot of the placing around personally. Those top three would most likely still remain in the probably top 8, but there are others that I think deserved higher placing than they got. Pretty surprised with these results…

(Jei Cheetah) #6

no use complaining.
Obviously the judges saw things differently, and they were the judges, not us.



I agree with the placings, except the second place editing score. I didn’t see the lack of editing as “nice simplicity”. I like a presentation more like C3’s videos. Those are the best.


In all honestly, I expected to do that bad. :stuck_out_tongue: I honestly cannot make good videos, I need a better camera. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha, anywho, congratulations to everyone who placed! Everyone did a great job!

(UmeNagisa) #9



Well, I didn’t get last, so I’m happy.


Not to like hate on first place (he’s good for sure), but I found his video to be pretty underwhelming. I didn’t see much originality in his tricks and the filming/production seemed pretty cheesy.

I’m very happy with how I did though. 6th isn’t something to complain about.


LOL, I was seriously planning on creating this thread. I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS HENDY!!! Hahaha, JK.

I watched last place first, just to see if I could have beat him, and geez, I definitely could have. I couldn’t stop laughing at his shirt with the YYE and YYJ logo on it. I didn’t have time to put in an entry in though. Not to mention, after I saw yoyokid8’s entry I was like, “Ok, I would totally place at least near last.”

My favorite out of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place was definitely 2nd place. I had never seen James Reed throw, and I really like his style.

And I could have guessed that TYC’s entry got the most views on YouTube, LOL.

(Jamesofyoyo) #13

I was the one who came in second. I filmed the video the day the video was due in my backyard in like 5 minutes. My entry was actually just for fun and kind of a joke. As you can probably tell, I copied lots of Grant’s elements and one of his tricks (he’s one of my favorite yoyoers). Sony didn’t let me download any more trials of Vegas Pro, so I just edited it with Movie Maker which does awful editing. Yes, the quality of my video was pretty bad haha. My entry wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. I’m just happy I’m getting a yoyo lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

And Ty Goldman (1st) did really well. His editing was actually good, his song was well chosen, and he took it seriously. His tricks stood out not only because he was clearly more skilled than most of the competitors, but because his style was different from the typical generic American yoyo style. Many of the elements that he uses come from Japanese players, but he puts his own twist on them. Great video imo!

Also, Ty was the one who actually bought me the Surge for my birthday, so I’m really happy that he won haha.


When I saw Ty’s video, the first thing that came to mind was actually “another bouncehouse generitech kid”. Idk, you probably know better than I do. Personally I wasn’t impressed.


But who ended up getting first place?

(kclejeune) #16

I don’t think the top two should’ve had the top two personally, like I said. Ty’s was good, but I agree with Hendy. It needed more. Second place had really cool style but general editing wasn’t impressive… (No offense James) 3rd place I absolutely loved though. I love the way it flowed.


You actually placed right above me and that makes me feel more valued. You are an amazing yoyoer, which makes me a good yoyoer :wink:


Ty Goldman

(Jamesofyoyo) #19

Like I said, my editing and quality was awful haha. It was just how the judging was weighted. Ben judged originality (10pts) [I copied Grant, so I didn’t have much], Bizer judged quality/editing (10pts) [my quality and editing sucked], and Grant judged for skill, style and such (60 pts) [which is where I apparently succeeded].


Same here. I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff about originality in his tricks. I personally didn’t see it. Maybe I just missed it though. Maybe I should watch it again…