Surgeon video contest thing

(Owen) #1

cbaxt filmed and edited (cept for the intro, I filmed that)

so yup, subscribe to him because he’s awesome.

(M.DeV1) #2

Teach me.


Amazing video! You should win!!! Do you have 2 surges?

(kclejeune) #4

This is the best I’ve seen. I’m going to have to try and beat you :slight_smile:


Ive been watching all of the surge videos posted here and i gotta say youre one of the best!


Bro. Ive been watchin your videos for awhile now. Ive come to wonder why your not sponsored yet?


He is.

(Owen) #8

yup, teh square wheelzzzzzz is my sponsor.


I’m pretty sure you’re placing. If you don’t, I’d be very surprised. You had much better than average tricks, and you’re editing was good. Nice entry/video.

(Chase Baxter) #10

Bad filming, bad editing, bad tricks, probably last place.


ooohh. Seems i have been outta the loop for a bit!


That was some pretty crazy stuff. Did any of the passers-by stop and talk between takes?

(Owen) #13

A little, I got a few "Can you walk the dog for me"s (and mind you i manned up and walked the flipping dog) and some people called me awesome. Also, I saw a few Canadians this weekend and thought of my Canadian brohan yohans, like you my mannnn.

for surez man, like i aint even joking the editing sucked like im not even joking! like totally no joking or kidding is going on here

(Erik Kerber ) #14

yup you will probably place 1st      well heres my entry but it cant even compete with yours


Great video and I want your shirt so badly.


We’re can I get that square wheels Shirt

(Owen) #17

there will hopefully be one released along with the Rex!


You mean when they release the Rex for yye be ause I already have a rex

(Owen) #19

I mean when they release the Rex to yoyo stores in higher quantities than 2 (the ones that went to the autism fundraiser) or 10ish (the ones that went to PWNR)

If you own a Rex you obtained it from PWNR or YYC or from a team member. Not from the release. So yes, when it is released to YYE


Yep got my cal state rex from the company at a contest for 75