Under 1 year YoYo Battle... let's try this again


Alright! It’s time to vote! Some people didn’t complete their video so I changed up the divisions a little. You get 2 votes, vote for your fav from the advanced division and your fav from the standard divisions. Here we go!

First off, the standard division…

Standard Division


J Singh 2K



Alright, now the advanced division…








Well, I know who I voted for!

Benm36 and hipposlovecereal really got me. Ben tricks were amazing! Hippo’s tricks were so smooth it was insane!

I believe we are seeing a great many new yoyoers developing their skills very quickly and well!

Great job to everyone!


I had 3 votes on the other thread… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Aight, a bit of a breakdown of how I see it.

In the standard division:

I voted for Andy. It was a bit tough to decide between Andy and Ben, but I went with Andy as I feel he has a bit more of a mature control on his yoyoing, even though some of Ben’s moves were a bit more advanced. I like to see control, as that shows a good thrower.
J singh and Luke have a ways to go, but can keep it up. Things were just too sloppy and unoriginal at this point.

Advanced. Easily hippos. Not even a contest.
Hendy’s tricks were all over the place and felt extremely uncontrolled and without a purpose, although decent transitions were used.
Instinct has a style developing but its too generic at this stage for me
Yoyosr pro, honestly is a second place for me. He had tons of originality in that stuff. Like, no joke, I liked that, it just got sloppy in the second half which was a shame.

Thats how I saw it, and I voted accordingly.

Good work everyone.



Thanks Josh :slight_smile: I thought Ben totally beat me out here but I’m starting to see your point, but I still don’t think I’ll get this one :smiley:


Wow. At least you were honest.

Although slipping in some form of compliment wouldn’t have gone amiss.


Thanks for being honest! I know my play is really sloppy. But I’m trying to improve.


Yeah, 30 takes and you start to get a bit less controlled/more frustrated… lol

But I don’t really see what you mean about Hendy. He were a little slow for my taste and I prefer/only do faster frontstyle or more complex boing-e-boing combos, but otherwise I really didn’t see what you mean about “all over the place”. Elaborate maybe? I do agree, though, Y0Y0SR2PR0 was very good.


Hippos freestyle looked so much more smooth and more natural than mine. I look plain awkward ::slight_smile:


Thanks, I don’t think I compare to anyone in my division tbh, my summer goal now is to be as smooth as hippos lol

(Jei Cheetah) #12

No clear direction.
Moves felt that they were out of place. Good elements, just not good placement and direction of where they were going. There were some good transitions between the moves, but they didn’t quite “feel right” in terms of what makes a combo pleasant to see. Nothing against Hendy, just stating what’s there. He’s going places for sure. :slight_smile:



Wanna talk about this over pm? I always like to get specific feedback from people (even if I don’t end up listening to it XD).


Do you have any pointers to smooth out play?


One of the easiest ways is to shorten your string, it will give you tons more control.


I can kinda see that, but not really. I don’t think I’m good enough too, haha.

But about my control, was I losing control just in the errors or in the completed tricks, too? Any tips? My horizontal wasn’t good on that take.

Also, Y0Y0SR2PR0, that first trick I really liked. You got some pretty sick slack IMO


Josh is a wise guy, sometimes too wise for us inexperienced throwers to understand :smiley:

Looking at both of ours again I don’t see how I had more control, sure I wasn’t as hasty but… Idk :stuck_out_tongue: and as for horizontal, if you compare it to mine, yours is pretty clean ;D


Ah, mine was supposed to go into an Asian Hop at the Double or Nothing, but it got messed up and the yoyo went to vertical-ish.


Guess it doesn’t matter much, cuz you’re just destroying me right now… ::slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ve heard using a responsive yoyo also helps, but some of my tricks are literally impossible on one.