A different take on the Surge video contest


Trinity Yoyo Club, based in a UK school put together their own little promotional video for the Surge video contest. Went a bit of a different route.

Hope you enjoy it:

From the description:

This entry was created by Trinity Yoyo Club. We decided to take a different approach. Rather than trying to encompass the hugely varied skill level of all our of members. We wanted to promote the Surge by telling a short story.

We wanted the video to focus more on the feeling of yoyoing and the creative freedom you have with a YoyoJam Surge rather than just our technical skill. Hopefully you can all relate to feeling the frustration of wanting to get home and yoyo before school is over and the sensation of flowing through your tricks at the end of the day.

  • Trinity Yoyo Club


oh yeah I saw that its awesome!


Nicely done!


Great video, although I don’t think it will win. You should score big on editing, but not so much on tricks. I kinda wish the story was short and you did more of that sick throwing for almost the whole video! Anyway, even if you did win you would have to split up the cash amongst like 20 people, so nobody would exactly win big, LOL. BTW, the video is 91 seconds long, and the limit is 90 seconds. Just sayin’.


YouTube adds a second to a video once it is uploaded.


Thanks guys.

We’ll have to see Redneckyoyoer… it was hard to balance the yoyoing and the story, but we thought the whole narrative and feeling of it was still part of the Surge promotion and this was the best fit in 90 seconds.


A bump for others that might not have seen :slight_smile:



Anyone ever got into trouble at school because of yoyoing?